Woman received warnings at two separate jobs for ‘inappropriate’ outfits for her height

A woman has explained how she was reprimanded at two separate jobs for wearing “inappropriate” outfits for her body type. She says she always dresses formally, but because of her curves, she gets scolded.

She told people what happened on Tik Tok. His video has now gone viral.

Nina Osegueda took to TikTok to share a clip of herself wearing a knee-length black dress that would be a common sight to see women wearing to an office job, and said no matter how good she looks dressed for work, she was always scolded for her appearance because of her body shape.

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And Nina then adds, “I’ve learned that no matter how appropriately dressed I am, my body is so distracting that I’ll never be dressed appropriately enough for work. ‘I’m sorry about that!’

In the caption of the video, which was posted under the username @ninaosegueda, the woman then confirmed that she had been told about her clothes at two different jobs.

She wrote: “I’ve been reprimanded twice in 2 different offices for dressing ‘inappropriately’. It’s just my form.”

Nina – who is from the United States and is the lead singer of heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder – also later uploaded a second video in which she explained in more detail what happened and accused a boss for calling her outfit “too sexy” for the workplace.

She said: “The first time it happened I was working as a software trainer where I was teaching people Adobe. I was fired and the guy who fired me – the manager – told me that I dressed ‘too sexy’.

“The second time it happened, I was working in an office in [Washington] DC and the office manager told a colleague that I was wearing a “club dress”. It was a knee-length dress that didn’t even fit. It was only fitted at the waist, it was not fitted at the hips like the dress in my other video.

“So I’ve had it twice and that’s all while wearing perfectly appropriate office clothes, and that’s just my shape.”

Commenters on Nina’s videos couldn’t believe the cheeks of her former employers, with many insisting that she shouldn’t be blamed for having curves. One person said, “No, it’s absolutely not your fault!” While another added: “I’m sorry people can’t keep their eyes on themselves so they blame you.”

And someone else posted: ‘Isn’t it crazy that some people act like you’re the wrong one for just having a body, and they completely forget the fact that they should adjust their way of looking at women’s bodies?and look at this horrible work environment they promote, that men have no control over themselves and therefore women should be punished for something ‘they really can’t help and that shouldn’t be a problem.”

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