Wolf Advocate is now also deputy general manager of the G-League

Tuesday was a banner day for the Sacramento Kings. After years of bad luck and mismanagement, they finally put their foot forward and showed the rest of the league that they were on the right path to a fight. Sometimes all you need is a little spark, and the rest follows. Someone new and unexpected arrives in the organization of the Kings at the right time.

Also, in other news, the team slipped from seventh to fourth place in the draft lottery.

But we are talking about the big story. Sean Cunningham of the Sacramento Fox station announced on Tuesday afternoon that the Stockton Kings – in a Roman Tetrarchy-type situation, they are the G-League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings – have appointed Anjali Ranadive to a new role as as Assistant General Manager. She is currently with the organization in Chicago for this week’s NBA Draft combine.

Ranadive spent the 2021-22 season heading up the Kings’ social responsibility department, so at least she’s moving over to the basketball operations side with some pretty solid knowledge of the organization. In addition to his social responsibility work, Ranadive is also the head of the Jaws And Paws Foundation, which works to rescue and encourage neglected and abused “wolf dogs and other species.” These species include turtles, regular dogs, and lizard-like creatures. The sanctuary is located in Acton, Los Angeles County, although she said they will be moving to the Sacramento area next year. The Berkeley graduate has also been involved in music and ocean conservation projects (received the 2015 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award). His basketball experience includes an interview with Malcolm Gladwell about his youth basketball career and his participation in the 2022 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. His father Vivek also owns the Sacramento Kings.

Is it a bad idea to empower your children to make basketball decisions, choosing to select front office jobs through blood ties rather than basketball good faith? ball? Is it a sign of a sclerotic franchise run by an incompetent owner that said owner continues to show he has learned nothing from a decade of criticism for his over-involvement in the team’s fortunes on the pitch? Should basketball decision makers have experience making basketball decisions? No, of course not. Family businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

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