Why is STEM so important in South Africa right now?

Ralph de Bruijn, CRS Training IBM and Red Hat.

Ralph de Bruijn, CRS Training IBM and Red Hat.

Among the most pressing challenges facing our world today is closing the STEM skills gap, which is holding back growth and technological advancement.

You might wonder what STEM is and why it matters to me in the IT space, but first let’s look at what STEM means.

It represents science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So take a biology course in college and technically you’re taking a course that’s part of STEM.

One only has to look at the 2021 math and science passing scores to understand why STEM is so important in South Africa right now.

The pass rate in mathematics for the matric in South Africa has fallen from 65.8% in 2020 to 69% in 2021. In contrast, science results show a still slight decline from 75.5% in 2020 to 74 .7% in 2021, according to the 2021 Senior National Certificate results.

Therefore, we must try harder to teach math and science to ourselves so that we don’t get left behind in the jobs of tomorrow.

As technologies continue to evolve and disrupt the business environment, the jobs our parents dreamed of doing when they left school will no longer be the dream jobs our young people will want to do when they leave school. ‘school.

The professions of data scientist, cloud architect and virtual assistant did not even exist 15 years ago and are now in high demand. Imagine what the next 15 years have in store for us.

You might be thinking how math and science play such a big part in all of this.

Truth be told, math and basic science are the keys to a job in every industry that has emerged over the past few years and the next few years to come.

Having these basic skills will help you improve your skills in all emerging technologies and technologies you haven’t even thought of yet.

A dream job in one of the following fields – data scientist, cloud architect or virtual assistant – could be your gateway to a brighter future for yourself. Maybe not a virtual assistant, unless you’re somehow working to be part of the ever-changing virtual reality world like Microsoft Mesh, and instead being a driven virtual assistant by AI, you are there instead.

One of the big players betting big on tomorrow’s technologies is IBM; such a big player believes that STEM can solve this problem by regularly engaging with the highest levels of government and other stakeholders to improve access to education and needed skills. Skills required for modern, rewarding jobs with essential skills by 2030. Now may be the time for you to invest in the education and skills needed to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow and not be left over.

Some of you may think that your child has recently started high school. How can we as parents do more to help them be proficient in math and science so they can be ready for what’s to come in the year 2030, or has it been a revelation for us to do more to help future generations be ready for what is to come?

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