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Unique jobs on Indeed in the FMWF area

In recent months, our country has seen people leaving their jobs for better opportunities in mass groups. This shift in power on the labor scene is better known as “The Great Resignation”, where employers are losing their members at an alarming rate, and companies must act quickly to find skilled workers who fit the job description. post.

While this may sound like bad news for the labor industry, the weather has never been better for skilled and hardworking workers. There is a wide range of employment opportunities available in the FMWF region with varying qualifications, backgrounds and experience requirements. Here are just a few of the many unique job opportunities and job search platforms that caught our eye while searching job boards.

Wedding DJ/MC

Do you still DJ with your friends in the car or at social gatherings? If you love controlling the vibe and have a wide range of musical tastes, then becoming a wedding DJ and MC might just be your part-time dream job. Harmon Entertainment actively looking for wedding DJs they can rely on to control the vibe and raise the roof. Although their primary focus is weddings, they also attend corporate events, anniversaries, birthday parties, school dances, Quinceaneras and more. The payout for work per session ranges from $600 to $1,000 per day, which is well worth hosting the party!

Body Piercing

Have you ever wanted to know more about body piercings, or even learn how to do them? There hasn’t been a better time than now to apply yourself and learn something new. Almost famous body piercing now offers a front desk clerk position with body piercer training! The position engages the employee in nearly all areas of the business, ranging from sales and inventory to customer service and store cleanliness. Additionally, the job posting describes it as “for someone who is ready to start body piercing right away.” No prior experience is required as they will help you become an industry professional in no time!

Become a greenhouse assistant

Ever wanted to work outside and get paid for it? Baker Garden and gift now accepting applications for the 2022 season! As greenhouse assistants, employees have the opportunity to work in a serene environment in their greenhouse and garden centre. According to Operations Manager Rachel Sailer, Baker Garden and Gift is looking for “candidates who are passionate about teaching others about plants and eager to continue learning the endless knowledge of horticulture.” Whether you want to get out of the house and stay active throughout the day, or are looking for a summer job for your child, this opportunity is perfect for people looking to get out and work in team !

Retail store reviewer

Do you enjoy browsing retail stores? Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) is looking for observant employees to perform retail store “reviews” that measure food inventory, take photos and assess store conditions. If all of this sounds daunting, rest assured that MSG requires initial online training on how to perform store inspections properly. Not only do they offer $110 to $220 per day; it also allows employees to get out of the house and visit different retail stores in the area!

dog bathers

Calling all dog lovers! If you love all breeds and sizes of dogs, now is your chance to join a fun and fast-paced environment with others in the world of dog cleaning at Rover’s Playhouse! Although a minimum of six months of prior dog bathing experience is required, the opportunity is excellent for any pet lover who wants to get up to speed in their canine duties and caring for other pets. The best part, however, is that eligible employees can bring their dogs to work on approved days!

Help with plasma donation

Did you know that almost anyone can become a phlebotomist or plasma medical examiner? Currently, Biolife Plasma Services is seeking candidates for a handful of positions, including phlebotomist, medical examiner, plasma center technician, donor intake nurse and more. Most positions start at $15 an hour with room to grow within the company over time. Biolife offers a dynamic environment based on a positive attitude, the ability to work effectively in a team and a desire to learn the ropes of plasma donation!

Become a Personal Shopper

Imagine shopping, but instead of spending money, you earn it. As a personal shopper for supermarkets and grocery stores, including Sam’s Club, Hornbacher’s and Cash wise, you can browse stores and get paid for it. The demand for online grocery orders has increased since the Spring 2020 pandemic. Essentially, the job involves navigating the store, gathering requested items, and preparing the order in a timely manner for the customer’s arrival. The position is perfect for someone who is motivated to complete their tasks efficiently and help brighten someone’s day by helping out!

Join the cookie team

Become an insomniac by joining the Cookie Crew on Insomnia cookies! They are currently looking for outgoing, ambitious people who have previous customer service experience. With flexible part-time schedules, training provided, and a work environment that smells great, the opportunity for extra funds might be too hard to turn down. Plus, who could say no to free cookies every shift?

Get creative with decorating desserts

Decorating donuts has never looked so fun (and delicious). Sandy’s Donuts is looking for candidates with a year or more of dessert decorating experience for a full-time or part-time position. Not only is Sandy looking for someone to help her with her current popular baked goods (Big Sandy’s, Cookie Monsters, puppy and kitten donuts); they are looking for someone who can confidently contribute new and exciting ideas.

sam’s club and by Hornbacher both hire cake decorators. They are looking for friendly and artistic employees, with recommended experience in decorating desserts. Positions start between $14 and $18 per hour with plenty of perks and incentives that come along with your cake decorating dreams. Sam’s Club is even offering a $150 incentive bonus to those who are vaccinated against COVID-19. Decorating desserts might not be the first job that comes to mind when looking for a job, but it might be the most fun.

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