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DUNCOMBE — Some progress on the development of a new travel hub along US Highway 20 has stalled as the public service permit for the water main extension hangs in limbo.

Marker 126 owner Kevin Stumpf spoke to the Webster County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday about the delays this blocked permit is causing.

On April 13, Xenia Rural Water District of Bouton applied for a permit for a 4 inch diameter water pipe extension to supply water to the travel center site.

In a letter dated April 21, Fort Dodge city attorney Mark Crimmins wrote that the city is asking the county to deny or file the utility permit application for the travel center development project. by Stumpf. He noted that the Poplar Avenue and US Highway 20 site is not currently in Xenia’s service territory.

Crimmins added that the city is in the process of annexing Gypsum City’s OHV park, which would place Stumpf’s property within the two-mile offshore jurisdiction of Fort Dodge, which grants cities the primary right to provide service. water in areas within two miles of the city limits. which were not already served by a rural water district.

Stumpf argues that the city cannot block its permit simply because it may have future plans to expand Fort Dodge’s corporate boundaries – at the time of the permit filing, the Marker 126 site is more than two miles beyond the city. boundaries.

In response to Crimmins’ letter to the Supervisory Board, Stumpf also wrote a letter to the board.

“Denial or submission of the permit application will cause delays and will directly impact the success of this project in the future,” Stumpf’s letter reads. “The construction of the site is well underway and the provision of utilities is the next integral step towards completion. A delay in accessing utilities will result in a costly delay in opening our business.

Council Chairman Mark Campbell told Stumpf that County Attorney Darren Driscoll is reviewing issues with the permit application.

“We have never seen anyone object to a permit,” Campbell said.

Driscoll said after speaking with the city, the city raised concerns about fire safety and its plan to expand the city’s business boundary. He said the county engineer is contacting the state fire marshal and the Otho Fire Department to see if the proposed 4-inch main line will have sufficient capacity for fire operations.

Driscoll also said Xenia has indicated she is willing to adjust the size of the water main if the 4 inches proves to be insufficient.

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