Trade association outlines policy changes needed to ease talent crisis – London Business News

As the UK continues to struggle with a talent shortage and the jobs bill remains elusive, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has outlined critical policy developments that are needed if the country is to create and maintain a global and flexible workforce. .

In its latest policy recommendations – which are shared with MPs and government officials – the APSCo has highlighted the key policy changes needed.

In-depth look at how to ensure the UK has a fit for the future labor market, including access to highly skilled and self-employed international workers who will help fill skills gaps in the UK United in economy.
Maximize opportunities for global trade in services, with trade agreements facilitating mutual recognition of standards and regulations.
Maintaining international standards while facilitating frictionless storage and processing of data in the UK and internationally for UK businesses.

Tania Bowers, director of global public policy at APSCo, said: “The continuing skills shortages that are being felt across the UK will not go away without appropriate action.

“It is clear that there are simply not enough resources to meet the hiring needs of employers across the country and if the UK is to remain an economic powerhouse, greater government intervention is needed to ensure companies can access a global and flexible labor market.

“We welcomed the recent launch of Global Business Mobility visas, however, the sponsorship requirement makes the path for independent contractors less viable.

“The government has effectively rolled over its existing multinational trade obligation to offer a visa to self-employed self-employed professionals in the service provider pathway, offering no new flexibility. Unfortunately, this will not close the skills gap in the short to medium term as the UK seeks to upskill and reskill the UK.

“The government should ensure that discussions and agreements on trade agreements focus on skills, labor and the mutual recognition of services and professional qualifications as well as tariffs and goods.

“The value of the recruitment and outsourcing industries in the UK is based on their ability to securely store and process the personal data of candidates and clients. Many members of APSCo and APSCo OutSource are international organizations and rely on the frictionless transfer of data between the UK, EU, US, Asia and the rest of the world to boost their productivity. Therefore, it is essential that the data reform bill upholds standards and creates a platform for frictionless and cyber-secure data transfer between countries.

“We face a period of continued uncertainty – exacerbated by the record level of vacancies reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). If the UK is to thrive post Brexit and Covid, we need the Policy makers are looking at global opportunities and ensuring that the UK professional recruitment industry continues to be a global skills export success story.

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