This black woman quit her six-figure job to open her own travel agency

Jenn Earley is the 43-year-old founder and CEO Cultural holidays, a black-owned travel company that offers curated travel experiences. Live in Atlanta, Georgia, Earley has always had a great passion for travel. After quitting her six-figure paying job, she decided to start her travel agency to share her travel experiences and help people of color get out and see the world.

“I would say quitting my job at an American company to double down and further grow my business was a huge achievement. I left corporate America with a six-figure salary in 2018 to focus on my business full-time. It took a lot of courage. Right now, I would say one of the most recent accomplishments is to still have a travel business that’s still going strong. Many agencies have closed because of Covid and the pandemic and the impact on your businesses,” Earley told Travel Noire.

Originally planned to be an international travel agency, Cultured Vacations has traveled to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as Mexico and the Caribbean and Central and South America, serving over 1,500 travelers and many of them have traveled multiple times with the company, Earley reveals.

“We create tailor-made itineraries for individuals and groups. We host destination weddings, honeymoons, line anniversaries and influencer trips, to name a few. Additionally, we create group travel experiences for women to visit far-flung destinations like Bali, Dubai!, Johannesburg, and Ghana,” Earley told Travel Noire.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Courtesy of Jenn Earley

She added that the most popular destinations right now for her customers are Paris, dubai, Italy, Greeceand St. LUCIA.

Being a black female entrepreneur in the travel segment is very difficult, said Jenn Earley. Early in the industry, there were a few occasions when it was overlooked. “I was the small fry at the tables compared to other agencies that had been around for years with a volume of business that was nothing like you and me.” But, she pointed out that things have been improving over the past few years.

“Black-owned travel agencies are the fastest growing travel segment. A few years later, industry associations began giving me a seat at the table and time on stage to teach and train agencies and other space providers. I love being able to represent and be a voice for this segment of the industry. I also believe that I am able to design experiences for her because I am her! I really enjoy watching travelers discover new destinations.

Riviera Maya, Mexico | Courtesy of Jenn Earley

Now, his plans for the future are to hire more experienced consultants to help serve Cultured Vacations customers. “With Covid, I have started working again at corporate America and as the business continues to grow, I want to hire more consultants who have a rich and in-depth knowledge of international travel.”

You can find fully-fledged Cultured Vacations website as well as on Facebook and Instagram @Cultivated holidays.

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