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The wild life of Ronnie O’Sullivan – net worth, controversies and family of snooker icons

The 46-year-old is the current world number one in snooker and is widely regarded as one of the best and most accomplished in the sport, but life hasn’t always been easy for him during his career.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan overtakes Kyren Wilson to clinch sixth world title

Snooker legend and current world number one Ronnie O’Sullivan is targeting his seventh world championship title at the current 2022 tournament as he seeks to add to his 38 career trophies since turning professional at 16 years old in 1982.

The Rocket have enjoyed many financial successes due to their remarkable achievements so far and are one of the richest snooker players in the world, but there have also been a number of struggles throughout their career why it has come under scrutiny.

Here, Mirror Sport takes a look at O’Sullivan’s turbulent snooker career, net worth and colorful off-table endeavors.

Career Summary

Since turning professional at the age of just 16 in 1992, O’Sullivan has become one of the most successful and accomplished players in the history of the sport and holds the world record for the greatest number of career titles with 38. He is the current number one, and has held this ranking several times over the past 30 years.

He won his first ranking title aged 17 at the 1993 UK Championship, making him the youngest player to win a professional ranking event. After that, six more UK Championship titles, as well as six World Championships and seven Masters Championships. Winning these three prestigious titles is known as the Triple Crown, which O’Sullivan has done 20 times.

As well as being the youngest player to win a professional ranking event, he also holds the record of being the second oldest to win a world title, having won the 2020 World Snooker Championship. O’ Sullivan is currently competing in the 2022 version, where he hopes to win his 39th career title.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is currently competing for his 39th career title at the 2022 World Snooker Championship


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Net value

Winning 38 ranking titles in a career that spans 40 years has certainly had its financial rewards and O’Sullivan is one of the highest earning snooker players in the sport. He has an estimated net worth of $14m (£10.7m), as he won $15m (£11.5m) in tournament money alone in what was a very successful career.

He has also earned a lot of money from lucrative sponsorships and has deals with Premier Inn, graphic design company Affinity, Delasport and American technology company ROKIT. Outside of his playing career, O’Sullivan works as a pundit and presenter for Eurosport’s pool coverage.

As for his own ventures, he’s written detective novels, autobiographies, and a health and fitness book, while starring in the miniseries “Ronnie O’Sullivan’s American Hustle.” He also participated in several video games, including his own “Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker”. He received an OBE in 2016.

Ronnie has earned $15m (£11.5m) from tournament winnings during his career




O’Sullivan has been repeatedly disciplined by snooker’s governing body for his behavior and statements. In 1996 he received a two-year suspended ban after assaulting an assistant press officer and in 2006 he was fined for leaving a UK Championship quarter-final. Elsewhere, he has leveled a lot of criticism at Barry Hearn, who took charge of World Snooker in 2010, and even threatened to form a breakaway snooker tour in 2018 in protest at his changes to the sport.

More recently, O’Sullivan publicly criticized the norm of new players entering snooker at the 2020 World Championship, saying he would have to “lose an arm and a leg” to drop out of the top 50. In 2021, he said that most snooker players had wasted their lives in a ‘bad sport’ which can cause ‘a lot of damage’, when in April 2022 he was caught making obscene gestures during his first round match round of the World Snooker Championship live on TV.

Due to his various antics, he was the subject of intense media scrutiny throughout his career, as he suffered from depression and struggled with drugs and alcohol in his early years. his life, but sought solutions to his problems and tried to improve himself throughout his life. adulthood.


Ronnie grew up in Chigwell, Essex, and still lives there, but at the age of 16 his life took a huge hit when his father was arrested and later imprisoned for murder, before his mother was also arrested and imprisoned for tax evasion.

Nevertheless, he created a much better family life and although he was never married, he has two daughters and a son. Taylor-Ann Magnus (26) is from an early two-year relationship with Sally Magnus, while Lily (16) and Ronnie Jr (15) are from a relationship with former partner Jo Langley.

O’Sullivan endured a distant relationship with his eldest, but is said to have a strong bond with his two youngest children. Ronnie is currently single after splitting from actress Laila Rouass in February 2022, following a 10-year relationship in which they got engaged in 2013.

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