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The top 7 industries currently hiring for hybrid jobs, according to FlexJobs

After two years of working from home, some people have realized they thrive in a remote environment, while others miss the office – but most people have decided they want the best of both worlds.

Future Forum, Slack’s research consortium, spoke to over 10,000 knowledge workers in January and found that 68% of people prefer a flexible, hybrid work environment.

Remote and hybrid jobs are also becoming more competitive: Jobs that allow employees to work from home full-time or part-time saw seven times more applications than in-person jobs last month, according to new research from CareerBuilder.

To help people find the best hybrid opportunities, FlexJobs has identified the top industries hiring for hybrid jobs in 2022, based on approximately 57,000 historical job postings from companies on the database of the site between January and December 2021.

These industries had the most hybrid job postings on FlexJobs last year and are expected to offer more hybrid opportunities in 2022.

FlexJobs defined “hybrid” as companies that require employees to come into the office 2-4 times per week or are “generally remote” with a few days in the office each month.

Here are the top seven industries hiring for hybrid work, according to FlexJobs:

1. Sales

2. Project management

3. Computing and Information Technology (IT)

4. Medicine and health

5. Accounting and finance

6. Marketing

7. Education and training

Some of these industries, like marketing and IT, had encouraged hybrid work patterns before the pandemic, while others, like medicine and education, have been in high demand throughout the crisis and have struggling to attract talent – ​​pushing employers to offer more flexible employment options to fill openings.

Even as more companies return to the office, we can expect to see an increase in hybrid job opportunities in the coming months, as these roles balance leaders’ desire for employees in the office and the worker demands for greater flexibility in a tight labor market, Kathy Gardner, vice president of communications at FlexJobs, told CNBC Make It.

Gardner notes that all of these industries are “great starting points” for those wishing to explore a hybrid or remotely-tailored career path, and based on hiring trends, should offer great opportunities for professional development and growth. career growth.

To land a job in one of these fields, she suggests honing the skills you need to succeed in a hybrid workplace, including communication, time management, technology literacy and the ability to focused and independent work.

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