The St Helens singer ‘travels the circumference of the Earth’ with a dream job

A ST HELENS man is living his dream as he sails around the world to perform in front of crowds on a luxury cruise.

Growing up in Blackbrook and then Eccleston, Luke Zdrenka dreamed of becoming a performer from an early age.

A lover of song and dance, student De La Salle developed his talent at Elizabeth Hill School of Drama in Dentons Green, then trained in musical theater at St Helens College and the Arden Manchester Theater School.

Wanting to broaden his horizons after graduation, he landed roles in places such as Mallorca, Germany and Crete.

St Helens Star: Luke has traveled the world as part of the cruise line's entertainmentLuke has traveled the world as part of cruise line entertainment

Combining his passion for performing with his love of travel, Luke landed his dream job as a performer on the 6* Silver Sea cruise liner.

It has seen him travel to all corners of the world, exploring a variety of cultures and performing in front of a wide range of people, including famous faces.

He is currently six months into a nine-month trip that started in Florida and traveled through South America, before heading to Europe and ending in the Nordic islands.

St Helens Star: Luke with Liverpool FC legends Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen on the shipLuke with Liverpool FC legends Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen on the boat

Luke, 32, said: “Acting and singing is something I’ve always done since I was little.

“I was able to travel the entire circumference of the Earth on the cruises and it was an amazing experience.”

Although Luke is living his dream on the 6* cruise liner, it hasn’t always been easy for the St Helens singer.

With covid severely disrupting travel plans for the better part of two years, Luke returned home and worked as an agent at the Amazon Warehouse in Burtonwood for 18 months.

Staying in one place for the longest period of his adult life, Luke said it was “eye-opening” to have to readjust his life and work in a field so different from what he was used to.

St Helens Star: Acting is something Luke has always wanted to doActing is something Luke has always wanted to do

He said: “It was crazy and really eye-opening to be honest, because I was so used to playing and traveling and then all of a sudden I couldn’t do any of that anymore.

“I felt like I was living a ‘normal’ life again but I really enjoyed it. The people I worked with were all very friendly and it helped me settle in and buy a house in St Helens.”

St Helens Star: Luke explores Iceland as part of the ship's nine-month voyage Luke explores Iceland as part of the ship’s nine-month voyage

Although he has no short-term plans to return to his hometown, Luke is grateful to those who have helped him become a versatile performer.

Referring to teachers at Elizabeth Hill and St Helens College, he added: “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.”

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