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BROOKFIELD — With temperatures hovering in the 80s under cloudless skies, Brookfield pitcher Miranda Nicholson was asked about her thoughts after throwing a no-hitter in the Warriors’ 10-0 Division IV win over the Mineral Ridge Rams.

A batter and an error were the only things that stopped her from having a perfect game.

She was so dominant.

“It was pretty close to that” Nicholson said. “I think it was just hot and I wanted to go out. I’m excited. I’m happy for that and I’m happy for everyone. We all tried very hard for this game. We were all excited about it.

It was Nicholson’s first no-hitter since last year.

Brookfield coach David DeJoy felt that Nicholson had his favorite pitches.

The Warriors have a method of communication between pitchers, receivers and coaches.

“We don’t necessarily rely on a pitch,” said DeJoy. “I ask them after every warm-up, ‘What worked for you today?’ If she feels she has good control with her fastball, we’ll build around it. If she feels like her speed, change, or whatever she throws is working, we’re going to build around that and come and go in the game.

“You don’t know what the referees are going to like on that day. You don’t know what his strike zone will be, so you have to work within those limits as well. I know I’m really proud of Miranda and Katie Gibson. They work well together. Miranda was at the top of her game today. There’s no doubt about it.”

DeJoy felt that the relationship between Nicholson and Gibson helped Nicholson get his second career no-hitter.

“It’s a collaboration” said DeJoy. “Gibby puts in and Miranda puts in. Everyone sees things a little differently. So we just trust each other and sometimes I pass it on, sometimes I give it back, sometimes she knows what she wants. So we work together to try to do what’s best for the team.

Nicholson felt that DeJoy was very good at helping to call pitches when needed to thwart the Rams.

Her teammates made it much easier, scoring seven runs in the first inning, knocking Mineral Ridge pitcher Madison Ylonen out of the game after 24 pitches.

Cadence Huffman and Arianna Jones led the way for the Warriors with three RBIs each.

Sophia Hook added two RBIs.

“I have a great group of young women and coaches,” said DeJoy. “They are very motivated. They know the season is quite hectic with the weather and now that the sun is shining and we can have some consistency, that’s what we’re trying to do. The weather is consistent, we want to be consistent. We just want to grow and try to play our best softball as we hope to advance through this tournament.

Everyone on the Warriors lineup got a hit except for Huffman who still had three RBIs.

“We want everyone to contribute” said DeJoy. “I mean it doesn’t always turn out that way, but even Cadence helped with that. She put the bat on the ball and did a great job for us today. Defensively overall I think we played solid and supported Miranda and Gibby. That’s what we want to try to do. We want everyone to contribute in some way as we progress through programming.

If there was a drama on Wednesday evening, it was at the start of the fourth.

Nicholson knocked out Chelsea Christy. She then hit Cheyenne Ferguson with a pitch and after pulling out Aaiyah Wall, Ylonen reached on an error from third baseman Hook. She managed to punch Megan Gerberry to end the threat.

The Warriors scored two runs in the bottom half of the inning on Jones’ single, which scored Hook and Reichart to make it 10-0.

Nicholson finished his 72-pitch outing with another 1-2-3 inning as the Warriors advanced to face the Chalker Wildcats on Monday.

“We want to play our best softball and get better every time and see what we can do this year,” said DeJoy.

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