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The most wanted marketing jobs in 2022

According to a report released last month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 11.3 million job openings in the United States.

Like most other industries, marketing has been hit by the so-called ‘great quit’, although demand also continues to grow, with the total number of marketing jobs expected to increase by 10% by 2030.

As part of its series analyzing the landscapes of marketing jobs in 2022, LinkedIn examined the changes in the field, identifying the skills most in demand by employers, the positions available and how marketers are adapting to a changing economy.

Marketing sees significant changes in employees

According to the LinkedIn report, 31% of LinkedIn members globally reported a job change in 2021, including 618,000 marketers.

This trend was highest in the Asia-Pacific region, which saw a 59% increase in job changes year-over-year. Europe, the Middle East and Africa saw growth of 46%, while North America saw the lowest job change growth at 38%.

Key marketing skills in demand

According to LinkedIn’s report, there’s a clear favorite for the most in-demand skills and learning topics: digital marketing.

This may be due to its broad applicability, although the pandemic-driven shift from person-to-person to person-to-person in a wide range of domains has also highlighted the importance of the digital realm.

Marketing skills in high demand in North America are:

  1. Merchandising
  2. A marketing event
  3. digital marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Property management

In Europe and the Middle East, the most valuable skills are:

  1. digital marketing
  2. Merchandising
  3. Advertisements
  4. Advertising by e-mail
  5. search engine optimization

Asian employers are looking for marketing professionals with skills in:

  1. digital marketing
  2. Advertisements
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing

According to LinkedIn Learning, marketers also hone their soft skills, including time management and interpersonal communication.

Roles for on-the-go marketers

The most in-demand marketing jobs in North America are:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Marketing Strategist
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Online Specialist
  5. Product Marketing Manager

In Europe and the Middle East, the most sought-after professionals work in:

  1. Marketing Managers
  2. Marketing specialists
  3. social media managers
  4. Digital Marketing Specialists
  5. Digital Marketing Managers

Companies hiring in the Asia-Pacific region are looking for:

  1. Content Writers
  2. Digital Marketing Specialists
  3. Marketing Managers
  4. Digital Marketing Managers
  5. Digital Marketing Managers

Even with remote options, marketers gravitate to big cities

The upward trend in remote working is growing across the globe, with North America leading the way with 121% growth in remote jobs, followed by a 77% increase in Asia-Pacific and 58% in Europe.

However, even as remote and hybrid home/office positions increase, LinkedIn has found that marketing professionals are still moving to larger urban areas. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Singapore and Sydney have all seen an influx of new marketing talent.

Salary-driven job changes

In the study, LinkedIn found that many marketers accept different positions based on salary, not seniority. North America reported that only 30% of job changes included a promotion, with 46% considering lateral changes.

In Europe and Asia, it was actually more common for marketers to downgrade when taking on new roles (50% and 47%, respectively).

Read LinkedIn’s blog post about their findings here.

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