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The Great Paradox of Mike Tyson-Conor McGregor’s Net Worth Disparity

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson and former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor are the two biggest names in combat sports. Both have achieved significant success in their particular sport.


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Moreover, there are many similarities between the two personalities. In his heyday, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” was one of the best talkers of his day. And also had amazing fighting skills to support his talks.


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Likewise, we’ve seen McGregor channel his inner Mike Tyson on the mic multiple times. He has amazing mic skills and knows how to mess with his opponent’s mind before the fight. Additionally, he is fierce inside the cage and finished most of his opponents in the first round of the fight.

Plus, UFC star McGregor and boxing legend Tyson have had their fair share of controversy outside of their fields. Hence, the two combat sports legends are quite similar to each other.

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Although there are a lot of similarities between “The Notorious” and the former heavyweight boxing champion, their net worth is very contrasting compared to each other.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, former two-weight UFC champion McGregor has a net worth of over $200 million. Meanwhile, the former heavyweight boxing champion has a net worth of over $10 million, which is about 5% of McGregor’s net worth.

Why does boxing legend Mike Tyson have a lower net worth than Conor McGregor?

“Iron Mike” is one of the greatest boxers to ever step foot in the boxing ring. In 1986, he became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion at the age of 20.

Tyson was one of the highest paid athletes in his prime and his net worth exceeded $300 million. Additionally, he has earned a colossal $430 million in scholarships and endorsements during his career. That amount would have been over $700 million by now.

“Iron Mike” lived a luxurious life and spent his money on huge mansions, extremely rare cars, bicycles and pets. Just a small example of his expenses are the Bengal tigers he had as pets.

Tyson was spending more than $125,000 a year on food and care. One of the most incredibly expensive things Tyson spent money on was a $2 million golden bathtub for his first wife, actress Robin Givens.


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Unfortunately, Tyson lost his fortune on luxurious personal expenses. Eventually he made a lot of bad decisions and went bankrupt in 2003.

Meanwhile, the Irishman made a fortune selling huge UFC pay-per-views. His only exhibition boxing match against legend Floyd Mayweather reportedly earned him $100 million in one night.


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McGregor also spends his money on luxury goods like cars, private jets, watches, etc. However, he made good investments in profitable businesses outside of MMA during his prime. These companies bring him good returns to maintain in the long term.

Therefore, McGregor’s net worth is higher than that of boxing legend Tyson. However, even after bankruptcy, Tyson regained his fortune by focusing on his entrepreneurial ventures and is now living a good life.

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