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Smart Remote Work takes remote work to a new level

Smart Remote Jobs offers remote job postings and work from home opportunities. It’s a revolutionary platform that makes it easy to find talent, whether it’s freelance content writers or full-time sales managers.

Smart Remote Jobs is about to revolutionize the global industry by launching a revolutionary platform totally focused on remote work.

“The COVID pandemic has raised the temperature, and businesses around the world have seen a rapid stream of change in the workplace. Remote work is here to stay, and it’s time for organizations to update the way they lead. This is where Smart Remote Jobs comes in,” said Gianluca Malato, CEO and creator of the platform.

Smart Remote Jobs is leading the charge in helping other people – job seekers and businesses – to benefit from this type of job. The innovative platform enables companies to find new employers for work-from-home jobs in several different job categories – from IT and content writing, to accounting and virtual assistants. Each position can be of the following types: full-time, part-time, contractual or freelance.

“Using the remote work formula provides companies with a large audience of potential employers. They are not limited to their cities, but they can potentially find individuals around the world, which also reinforces inclusivity. in the workplace,” says Malato.

Malato himself had personally seen how remote working improved his quality of life and reduced business costs.

“Tome, remote work is the future and offers a perfect work-life balance,” says Malato. He is a firm believer in remote working, companies that choose to continue with the old way risk losing staff and being left behind in the changing job market.

“I think remote work can improve productivity. Individuals do not want to go to the office, travel by public transport and be away from their families. They like working from home because it saves them time and money,” says Gianluca Malato, CEO and creator of the platform.

Remote work, adds Malato, encourages cooperation between people of diverse cultures and nationalities. Being different is a value that allows people to grow and become better individuals. Thus, a multicultural team starts off on the right foot to become more efficient and productive.

Job seekers and employers can benefit from the visibility offered by the Smart Remote Jobs Linkedin page, a Twitter profile, a Facebook page and a Facebook group. The platform automatically publishes all job offers on these channels to give them maximum visibility, with appropriate hashtags to easily identify the job category. An official Telegram bot for job search has also been released.

Each job category also has its own newsletter, so job seekers can only receive the emails they really want to receive in order to avoid spam. Finally, each job category has its own RSS feed. Thus, companies are sure that their job offer will be visible to people who are really interested in it.

Job postings renew automatically after a month or week, depending on the renewal schedule chosen by the company posting them. Each time an offer is renewed, it returns to the top of the feed. Currently, monthly renewal costs $80/month, while weekly renewal costs $30/week. Auto-renewal can be turned off at any time.

Those who wish to avail the services offered by Smart Remote Jobs can visit the website immediately to get started. They can consult the Smart Remote Jobs social networks and join its community of teleworkers.

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