SFSD offers $5,000 signing bonus to fill special education jobs

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — The school year may have just ended, but the Sioux Falls School District is already looking to find more teachers — especially special education positions.

Kayla State has been a special education teacher in the Sioux Falls School District for ten years.

“I love the way I can be personalized and the fact that I work with small groups of kids every day, and it’s great with students one-on-one or in small groups,” said Kayla State, education teacher. specialized.

Special education is an area where the district needs more staff.

“We recognized that we were going to need more special education teachers based on student needs this year, so we started with an early hiring process,” said Senior Director of Human Resources Becky Dorman. .

Dorman says that since the start of the year they have hired about 25 people for the vacancies, they still need about 25 more.

“We had to take other steps to recruit and then retain the special education teachers we have, so that’s the next step we took, which included a hiring bonus,” Dorman said.

New special education teachers will receive a hiring bonus of $5,000.

“Or if you’re currently teaching for us and have special education approval, let’s say you’re teaching third grade and you have special education approval, but you’re in a general education class, if you come back to special education education, you’ll also get that $5,000 hiring bonus,” Dorman said.

They also want to make sure they retain current special education teachers.

“K-12, get an extra $2,000 this year, next year, and the year after as an incentive to stay in special education,” Dorman said.

State says she loves her position and is grateful for the support she receives every day.

“Special education is really a team, you work with a team all the time that includes general education teachers, other special education teachers, service providers and parents,” State said. .

To be a special educator, you must be certified. As part of the bonus package, the district will pay tuition for any uncertified teacher to complete the 15-credit program. You can teach special education while you complete the credits.

To learn more about what is offered in the bonus package, here is a link to the Sioux Falls School District website.

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