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The robotic surgical assistant, also known as ROSA, is ready at Iowa Specialty Hospital at Clarion. Surgeons with orthopedic specialists use the machine to help them with total knee replacement procedures. The robot is a tool used by surgeons; he does not perform any surgical operations himself.

CLARION — Orthopedic surgeons at Iowa Specialty Hospital at Clarion now have a robotic assistant to help them perform knee replacement surgeries.

The device is known as a robotic surgical assistant and is called ROSA for short.

Orthopedic Specialists, a team of orthopedic surgeons who treat patients in Fort Dodge, Clarion and other communities, received the ROSA on May 1. Since then, 10 knee replacement surgeries have been performed using the device.

“My partners and I love it because it has proven to be extremely accurate,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Emile Li. “We were all extremely impressed with the stability of the new knee the patient received. »

Li and his fellow surgeons point out that ROSA is not some kind of android that performs operations on people. They describe it as a tool that allows the surgeon performing the operation to make very precise measurements and cuts.

“It doesn’t look like R2D2 or C3PO”, said Dr. Mark Palit. “It’s just a mechanical device that places the instruments that guide us to cut the bone more precisely.”

“The surgeon is still doing the operation”, Li said. “I tell my patients that the robot has an arm that positions the jig and that I hold the saw and control it.”

Before any cut, the surgeons use the ROSA computer to plan the operation. Once the operation begins, the robot arm is extended and used to hold the jig while the surgeon uses the saw and other instruments.

The robot is about 3 feet tall and has wheels so it can be moved.

Li said orthopedic specialist surgeons had never used robots before. He said they are a recent addition to orthopedics. Using robots to help with hip and shoulder replacements will be the next step, he said.

Patients who received new knees using the robot are very happy with the results, according to Palit.

“Most patients are very keen to take advantage of the latest advancements in medical technology,” he said.

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