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job description

This position will be based in the Department of Health Services and Population Research, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, within the Center’s Implementation Sciences Research Group.

The incumbent will work on a research project (AdStAC) to co-produce, test and refine an Advance Statements Implementation Resource for Black people previously detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA).

Completing a pre-declaration consists of indicating aspects of your treatment in advance, including preferences, wishes and refusals of certain types of treatment when you are well enough to do so. These preferences can be used to guide care when a person is ill and lacks the capacity to make decisions about their treatment. The UK government is committed to legislating advance reporting (

Black people (defined as people of Black African and Caribbean descent, including people of mixed ethnicity) with mental illness are more likely to be detained under the MHA than white people with mental illness. The use of advance declarations can reduce the use of MHA, but there are barriers to their implementation. We will use the Quality Improvement Methodology to produce a resource that addresses identified implementation barriers and maximizes opportunities for Black people to have an advance statement.

The study design includes:

1. Co-production of pilot implementation resource using stakeholder workshops and consensus building study.

2. Test the implementation resource in Lambeth and Lewisham, to find out what further changes are needed.

The study aims to primarily benefit black people in Lambeth and Lewisham previously detained under the MHA. The implementation resource to be produced will then be available for use or adaptation by other people with serious mental illness who are at risk of losing their capacity if unwell in England and Wales, i.e. say where the new mental health legislation will make it possible to complete an advance declaration.

The role includes contributing to the day-to-day running of the study, including participant recruitment and data collection at SLaM sites under the direction of Research Associate Ms. Abigail Babatunde and Co-Principal Investigators Dr. Claire Henderson and Dr Shubulade Smith

The research assistant will contribute to the proper conduct and realization of the research project. Their main tasks include:

a) Support the recruitment of study participants

b) Quantitative data collection, e.g. extracting data from case notes and administering questionnaires to service users, relatives/caregivers and healthcare professionals

As the research focuses on improving the mental health of African and Caribbean people, relevant experience working with/understanding these communities would be advantageous.

This position will be offered on a 6-month fixed-term contract starting August 23 at the latest.

This position is full time.

Main responsibilities

Describe the main responsibilities and objectives of the position in accordance with the relevant job profile

Key objectives:

• Maximize recruitment through engagement activities

• Recruit service users for the study

• Administer quantitative assessments at baseline and 3 month follow-up

• Maximize participant retention by implementing strategies developed with the research team

Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to the duties and responsibilities described in the “Job Description”, the incumbent will:

• Actively participate as a member of the multidisciplinary study team

• Attend and contribute to relevant meetings

• Undertake the necessary training for the activities

• Liaise with staff involved in the delivery of the intervention, i.e. development of pre-choice documents

• Liaise with research colleagues and support administrative staff on routine matters

Communication and networking:

• Communicate openly and effectively with the research team; attend weekly supervision meetings;

• Promote the study in the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and service users/caregiver forums/support groups

• To help present information on research progress and results to management groups

Decision making, planning and problem solving:

• Act under the direction of the Research Associate and Co-Principal Investigator to ensure day-to-day tasks and ongoing workloads are prioritized and completed within agreed timelines

• To help the research team meet research objectives and deadlines

• Report any concerns raised by study participants to

• To contribute to decisions affecting the work of the team, the research associate and co-principal investigator

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities reasonably expected within the scope and classification of the position.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential criteria

1. BSc in Psychology or other relevant subject

2. Evidence of continuing professional/educational development

3. Understanding the research process

4. Effective organizational and time management skills

5. Knowledge of data management

6. Pre-study recruitment

7. Experience working with patients/service users suffering from a long-term mental or physical health problem, or their relatives/caregivers

Desirable criteria

1. MSc in mental health, psychology, research methods or other relevant subject

2. Understand clinical risk issues and how they can be managed

3. Good understanding of psychosis

4. Raising awareness of mental illness issues in African and Caribbean communities in the UK

More information

Please note that this role is not eligible for sponsorship for a skilled worker visa

This position is subject to Disclosure and Barring Service and Occupational Health clearance.

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