Quick the spark: Electric vehicle sales continue to soar in the green revolution

  • electric vehicle registrations double to more than 74,000 in the north of England as government campaign boosts tens of thousands of green jobs and helps all regions get to the next level
  • sales of new plug-in vehicles nationwide increase by more than 70% as the UK continues to accelerate towards net zero transport
  • Transport Secretary meets with Northern leaders to expand public electric vehicle charging in the region

Electric vehicles (VE) have more than doubled in the north of England, revealed by new figures released today (24 May 2022), as the government’s push for cleaner and more affordable travel boosts tens of thousands of green jobs to across the UK.

New statistics show the UK transport revolution is well underway with VE number of registrations in the North of England increasing to 74,677 in 2021.

Over a quarter of a million VE are now traveling on UK roads and sales of plug-in vehicles have reached historic highs, with 327,000 recorded last year alone, a 77% increase on 2020.

The statistics were released by the Department for Transport today ahead of the Transport Secretary’s meeting with Northern leaders and mayors this afternoon, as part of the Northern Transport Acceleration Council, to discuss the innovation in green transport and the government’s mission to build strong infrastructure, transport links and economic growth in the regions of the country.

The Secretary of State for Transport will discuss the government’s recently published electric vehicle infrastructure strategy, backed by £1.6bn of funding, to boost traffic on the streets VE charging tenfold and stamping out so-called ‘range anxiety’ across the UK.

By 2030, the UK plans to reach 300,000 public electric vehicle charging stations, equivalent to almost 5 times the number of fuel pumps on our roads today.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

With a cash injection of £2.5billion, the UK continues to be a global leader in the switch to electric vehicles, helping drivers save money on fuel while getting closer to our net zero goals.

I am happy to meet colleagues today to make sure the North of England has the support it needs for an emissions-free transport future, as we clean our air and support green jobs across the country.

During the meeting, the Transport Secretary is expected to highlight the UK’s leading progress in switching to VE to date, with around 600 new public charging stations installed each month and one of the most extensive fast-charging networks in Europe.

The Transport Secretary will also reaffirm the Government’s commitment to ensuring all regions are equipped to go electric and nothing is left behind, with £500million recently pledged to transform local charging on the street and enhance reliability.

The UK’s move towards zero-emission transport is not only supporting up to 40,000 new jobs in the automotive sector, it is cleaning up the country’s air, with average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cars falling by 11% last year.

As part of the net zero transport target, the government has pledged to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, ensuring that all drivers benefit from VE and their significantly lower running and refueling costs.

This ambition, combined with billions of pounds of industry support, will cement the UK’s leading position in the design, manufacture and use of zero-emission vehicles, which offer new economic opportunities by boosting the employment, investment and exports.

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