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NEW YORK, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex lives in the experience economy by bringing people together on the markets that help communities live better and longer and the technologies that enable and power these new experiences on fast growing markets. Questex today announces that it is consolidating its hospitality, hotel real estate investment and related businesses in the wellness and travel markets into a single portfolio comprised of four submarkets that are deeply integrated into hotel investments , hotel operations, catering and travel and wellness. This will give Questex and its customers the ability to tap into adjacent vertical markets as those markets continue to intersect.

Questex is focused on extending a leadership position in each of its key sectors. Hospitality, hospitality, catering, bar and related businesses such as travel, gyms, salons and spas are all interconnected and Questex’s new Hospitality portfolio connects owners, investors and operators through events and content. The global hospitality industry, including wellness, is worth over $6.8 trillion and growing at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15%. The operators of these companies share similar needs for information, products and solutions, which provides Questex with an opportunity to scale for growth while serving each of the submarkets with research, information and industry-specific connections to drive business forward.

Despite two challenging years for the hospitality and travel sectors, Questex’s media and events portfolio in 2022 records revenue 70% higher than 2021 and only 10% below revenue levels of 2019, which were themselves a record for hospitality, travel and wellness. Group before the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Capital investment in the experience economy through the underlying real estate and operating platforms is growing as consumers spend more of their income on experiences. Questex’s importance in the hotel real estate investment industry, led by its International Hotel Investment Forum is a platform for future growth, connecting capital to real estate and operators in the growing sector.

“Questex is focusing on fast-growing sectors to drive its growth,” said Alexi Khajavi, Group President, Questex, who will lead this new group. “Our new portfolio is tied to our mission to serve communities that help people live better, longer lives by bringing them together through commerce experiences and reinforces our strategy of connecting buyers and sellers for the future. . With a deep understanding of each of the industries we serve and professionals working in the experience economy, our events and content help our audiences find the information they need to help them make informed decisions and to develop their activities.

Questex’s Q Activate technology framework will help the new hotel portfolio deliver deep insights into vertical markets. With a focus on public engagement, Questex’s forward-thinking approach combines event and content information with trends and demographics to provide insight into audience interests.

The new management team of the Questex Hospitality portfolio:

  • Jill Birkett, VP/Market Head, will lead travel and wellness operations and industry veteran Ruthanne Terrero will expand her responsibilities and take on the role of chief content officer for travel group properties and well-being. The Travel and Wellness Operations portfolio includes: Luxury Travel Advisor, Luxury Travel Advisor ULTRA Summit, Travel Agent University, Meetings Spotlight, Global Meetings and Incentive Travel Exchange, Exchange meetings and incentive trips in the Caribbean and Mexico, Travel Agent, American Salon, International Beauty Salon, American Spa, International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference, Spa Industry Association, Spatec, Sibec and Club Industry.
  • Amy Vaxman will expand her responsibilities and assume the role of Vice President/Market Head for the Hotel Operations Market. This portfolio includes: Hotel Management, Hotel Return on Investment and Hotec’s Hosted Buyer’s Meetings portfolio.
  • Tim McLucas will lead the food and beverage market as vice president/market head. This portfolio includes: Bar & Restaurant, Bar & Restaurant Expo, World Tea News, World Tea Conference & Expo, World Tea Academy and Vibe Conference.
  • Joe Stather, Vice President/Market Leader, has joined Questex from CBRE to lead the operational real estate investment portfolio. In this newly created position, Stather will be responsible for leading Questex’s leading hospitality real estate investment events and media. The operational real estate investment portfolio includes: International Hotel Investment Forum, Hotel and Residential Resort Investment Forum, Annual Hotel Conference, Israel Hotel Investment Summit and Hospitality Insights .

Khajavi added: “We are in a very strong position with the right people, the right products and the right processes. Jill, Ruthanne, Amy and Tim are all terrific leaders who know their markets deeply and we are excited to advance their careers and uplift them from within. Additionally, Joe is a well-known advisor in the real estate investment industry and will be a tremendous asset to lead our real estate investment portfolio.

These changes clearly benefit the communities Questex serves by combining insights across the hospitality, wellness, travel and fitness spectrum, connecting buyers and sellers to help them grow their businesses.

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