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An evening course in emissions testing for adult automotive technicians will be offered at Williamsport Area High School upon school board approval.

The board agreed to Andrew Leigey, a high school automotive technology teacher, to teach the course in the evenings by appointment. The fee charged for the course – $35 for initial certification and recertification – will cover the expenses of the teacher and materials needed for the course. Leigey will be paid $31.20 an hour to teach the program.

In other program elements, the board approved the closure of the CTE Administrative and Secretarial Science program. It was noted that this closure will have no impact on 14 current CTE programs that serve approximately 675 students in the district.

They also approved a two-year agreement with Misericordia University to provide clinical training experience for students in the College of Health Sciences and Education.

The board approved the renewal of 500 Adobe Creative Cloud licenses from Gov Connection, Inc. at a cost of $13,470. Adobe Creative Cloud is used by students, teachers, and staff. The cost will be paid through the technology budget.

Under staff positions, the following appointments were approved at the rates of pay indicated: Elizabeth A. Currid, long-term substitute teacher at Cochran Elementary School, $53,633 per year; Erika E. Edler, long-term substitute high school teacher, $53,633 per year; Erica F. Blake, temporary professional employee to be assigned to a full-time first-grade teacher at Jackson Primary, $56,757 per year; and Brandy White, supply food service worker, $12 per hour.

The following people have been hired on the salary scale of the expired contract until a new contract is made: Harry W. Entz, full-time paraprofessional/interventionist at Jackson Primary; Angela Damschroder, full-time Administrative Assistant II at Curtin Intermediate School; Danielle A. Cragun, full-time health room technician; Melissa S. Martin, part-time college assistant; Michaela L. Pettingill, part-time assistant at Hepburn Lycoming Elementary School; Michelle K. Yaw, Full-Time Administrative Support I at the District Service Center Tax Office; and Malisa L. Whitcombe, Part-Time Administrative Support I in the Student Services Department of the District Service Center.

Justin Marnon has been approved as the head coach of high school women’s basketball with a pay rate of $6,800.

Angel Bungo, RPN, has been approved as a substitute health ward technician at $20 per hour.

The following alternates were approved at an hourly rate of $12: Charlie Pfirman, Cynthia Nasdeo, Kari Price and Roberta Liebersohn.

Brynlin Carey and Marshall Nork have been approved as uncertified substitute teachers at the rate of $90 per day for the first 45 days and $110 per day for the following days.

The following teachers have been approved as after-school tutors for regular and special education students in the middle school at the rate of $31.20 per hour, as needed: Amber Roatche, Ashley Muchler and Brandon Lusk, English; Diane Welch and Jacob Anderson, mathematics; Jesse Rowland, social studies; and Marcy McCann, Tracey Graff and Whitney Gooch, special education.

The board has accepted the resignation of Richard A. McDonald, full-time general maintenance worker.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. on October 4 in the District Center Board Room, 2780 West Fourth St.

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