Prepare for work: links with employers at Leeds University Center

Discover the Leeds University Center helping students gain an 'edge' in today's competitive job market
Discover the Leeds University Center helping students gain an ‘edge’ in today’s competitive job market

With employers prioritizing experience over years of college education, is it ever possible for a student to come away with both? Check out the Leeds University Center that could help you gain an ‘edge’ in the job market.

It was while studying business and computing at Keighley that William Chadwick-Wood was inspired by a guest lecturer to pursue a foundation degree in business, enterprise and management. As a result of the decision, he is currently celebrating his selection for an internship with IT services and consultancy firm Frame, in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield.

William was just one of two nominees following a competitive application process which left the company very impressed with the high standard of applicants. The opportunity came through the University Center Leeds, a college-based higher education institution specializing in employer-led qualifications that provide work experience. This is notably facilitated by their network of employers. Students use it as a system they can rely on when making choices about their future.

Real industry skills for real jobs

The value of this is particularly poignant given the struggle people have faced to get jobs in recent years. Leeds University Center quickly recognized this and used it to develop a curriculum that addresses the national labor shortage for employers and students by balancing academic learning with relevant industry knowledge. and employability skills.

Available at a range of levels and qualifications, courses include creative arts, business and leadership, computing, learning, engineering, law, science, teacher training, tourism and education. aviation, sports, professional courses, health and digital.

Units and modules are refreshing and forward-thinking, allowing students to prepare for their future as a professional graduate. With courses delivered in industry-standard facilities, it is not uncommon for learners to engage in work-based activities that match what they will do later in their industry.

Industrial connections that make all the difference

The education provider is recognized for its collaborations and uses them to design industry-informed programs. Last year, it launched a new healthcare games specialist learning standard to provide a critical boost to healthcare industry skills. Then, in April this year, Leeds University Center held Employability Week for a week where students were able to hear directly from professionals. Participants included Sky, the NHS and HM Revenue and Customs.

Students have access to direct tips and advice from employers, as well as regular opportunities to attend masterclasses and networking opportunities. This was the case of Patricia Gibin, who participated in the GenIE (Generation of Innovators and Entrepreneurs) bootcamp. There, she met a valuable contact who lectures on a master’s program that helps entrepreneurs grow and launch their businesses. Patricia now hopes to successfully secure a place on the course.

This focus on improving the employability of learners aged 16-18 and adults has resulted in the HE science team at Leeds University Center winning the business/industry collaboration award at the Educate North Awards from last year. The prestigious awards celebrate best practices and recognize excellence in the education sector.

Speaking at the time, Richard Keys, former Head of HE Science, Health & Sport at University Center Leeds, said: ‘The success of our programs demonstrates the benefits of working together with employers in the science sector, creating a pool of highly qualified talent. qualified professionals with the experience, determination and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive job market.

Honors aside, it is clear that Leeds University Center will continue to do all it can to produce graduates who are ready to work and have the confidence to get started.

If you want to find out more about UC Leeds, the courses offered for 2022/23 and upcoming employability events, visit the website here.

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