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Pinterest virtual assistant jobs aren’t a scam, it seems

Currently living your dream of making money from your couch, Lily Ugbaja is a “Pinterest virtual assistant” living in Nigeria who says she made $250 doing eight hours of work per client in her first month.

She’d written a blog that wasn’t performing as well as she’d hoped, so she was looking for side scams when she found Pinterest management.

“Since I was already doing great on Pinterest with my blog, I decided to offer Pinterest services on the side, and it was a smart move,” Ugbaja told Romper.

She likes that you can do all of your client’s work earlier in the month and then take the rest of the month off – or work around any kind of schedule.

There seems to be a multi-level marketing (MLM) program after the next promise that we won’t have to dress up or leave our comfortable homes to earn thousands. So are Pinterest virtual assistant jobs just the latest trick offer?

The proposition is certainly tempting: Facebook ads sell ACP jobs to moms (and let’s be honest here, they’re almost all aimed at SAHMs hoping to land a job they can do around caregiving) like the opportunity to help businesses create “pins” (which users then click on, earning web traffic for those businesses).

After all, it’s easy! Getting started is totally free! You don’t have to be a tech guru to figure this one out! In fact, if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, then you’re basically qualified to get started right away.

Sounds too good to be true?

Turns out not. We were also shocked to hear that. In fact, we couldn’t find a single person to interview to tell us that this is just another prying ploy for moms trying to make money.

You May Not Make Millions As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant, But You Can some money and there is a low barrier to entry.

A Pinterest VA is essentially someone who takes their own skills and experience with Pinterest marketing and incorporates them into a program to teach others how to offer the service (or offer the service themselves), explains Daphne Richard, owner and consultant who primarily focuses on helping people transition from employment to self-employment.

Businesses with a marketing budget tend to pay more, but they’re also looking for Pinterest virtual assistants who have been doing it longer.

Kristin Larsen, from Nashville, started her career as a Pinterest virtual assistant because she wanted a side hustle.

She offered her Pinterest skills to bloggers, brands, and businesses in 2015 — long before most others got into this career — and she was soon inundated with work.

“I was able to quit my full-time day job in just 10 months,” says Larsen, who started a boutique agency because she had too many clients to handle on her own.

Profitability varies, however. Businesses with a marketing budget tend to pay more, but they’re also looking for Pinterest virtual assistants who have been doing it longer.

Still, Larsen says, with just one client, an ACP can start earning $500 a month working as little as eight hours a month.

With the pin design, she says she was paid up to $3,000 to help update graphics for an older website over the course of a month.

Full-time ACPs can earn more than $7,000 a month, according to Larsen.

“The best part is, unlike most social media positions, Pinterest isn’t time-sensitive,” she says. “All work can be done using a scheduling tool and scheduled in advance, allowing people to work at a time that suits them.”

But not everyone will make that amount of money, says Rochelle Burnside, who is skeptical.

Burnside, the MLM category manager at Best Company, says that while Pinterest VA jobs aren’t MLM programs, they attract stay-at-home moms with the promise that those women will receive a big payout for a time-limited investment. .

“I was skeptical at first,” she says, though she added that Pinterest VA positions aren’t scams.

Chane Steiner, CEO of Crediful, a Scottsdale-based personal finance comparison site, is also a little skeptical.

Steiner says that although a Pinterest VA is not an MLM system, the job involves a wide range of potential tasks.

Your background could be in marketing coupled with personal experience with social media and an emphasis on Pinterest. Or, she says, you could have a background in management or as a digital assistant in general.

You can take a Pinterest VA course to learn the ropes, but it’s not required.

“These are legitimate people with legitimate job offers,” Steiner says. “Where the trick comes in is how you get paid.”

Ideally, Steiner says, you’d be paid by the hour. You may get paid by pin or by follow, but these forms of payment amount to an uneven stream of income.

“It might be okay as a side hustle, but not a full-time job,” Stiner says.

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