Peter Dutton says Liberals won’t attend government’s national jobs summit

The federal Liberals have rejected an invitation to attend a national jobs summit next month, calling it a stunt.

The federal government is preparing to convene a summit in the first week of September that it hopes will be the centerpiece of its economic policy for the coming term and that will unify business, government and labor.

Government ministers had expressed reluctance to invite the opposition, saying they would only be invited if they were prepared to be constructive.

On Tuesday, Treasurer Jim Chalmers wrote to Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, inviting him or another coalition MP to attend.

But Mr Dutton declined the invitation.

“It’s a set up with the unions,” Mr Dutton said.

“We’ll support all sorts of good government policies…but we’re not going to support stunts.

“The fact that Jim Chalmers wrote to me and within hours dropped it on the Australian newspaper demonstrates that this is nothing more than a stunt.”

Unions set reform agenda ahead of summit

Overnight, the top trade union body outlined its goals for the upcoming jobs summit, with “full and secure” employment as its top priority.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions said despite unemployment at a historic low, real wages were falling and precarious work was “widespread”.

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