‘Patrick Ewing has 15 years of experience as an assistant coach!’: NBA Reddit and Twitter pose specific question to franchises snubbing big men for head coaching role

There has been a huge difference in the number of guards who have served as head coaches of NBA franchises versus the Bigs of the game. Patrick Ewing is once again forgotten.

The position of head coach of an NBA team has long been one of the most prestigious management positions in the world of sports. Not just in terms of money, but because of the game’s growing popularity since the 90s.

But in recent years, many allegations have been made regarding the selection process for said position, as there were not many coaches of color in the NBA, although the league has been full of African American players since. over 50 years old.

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Franchises have been trying to address this over the past two years and have named Nate McMillan, Tyron Lue, Willie Green, Jason Kidd, Ime Udoka, Stephen Silas, and more.

But there is another debate rising with the hiring of Darvin Ham by the Los Angeles Lakers and Mike Brown by the Sacramento Kings why big men (centers) don’t get the coaching job like many guards. .

Fans ask why NBA franchises keep snubbing big men for HC roles while Patrick Ewing is ignored while Mike Brown and Darbin Ham got jobs with the Kings and Lakers

From Red Auerbach to KC Jones and Gregg Popovich to Steve Kerr, every legendary NBA coach was, by coincidence or pattern, a guard when playing the game, regardless of level. With the exception of 6’8 forward Phil Jackson, maybe.

And the internet asks how come it’s mostly the guards who get those jobs when the big men have dominated the game equally, if not more.

— Chris Raine (@CraineRaine) May 30, 2022

Considering the time since the league started and has been dominated from start to finish by the big guys, the guards have been dominating the game since the 80s. So, one has to think that the number of coaches in the same would also be even .

But that’s not the case at all. The average height of the current 30 NBA coaches is about 6 feet 3 inches with about 3.3 inches in standard deviation.

Even the Knicks legend can’t land a gig after having a huge experience as an assistant coach for NBA franchises for 15 years and HC for the Georgetown University basketball team for 5 years .

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Perhaps guards are considered more for this role because their vision of the game is much broader than a striker or a center. Or maybe I’m wrong because I play point guard and tend more to playmakers becoming coaches than greats.

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