Over 200 teaching jobs listed after MSCS enforces ‘fresh start’

Over 200 teaching positions have already been listed at Kingsbury High, Airways Achievement Academy and Hamilton High Schools combined.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Shelby County Schools Board of Education is scheduled to meet Tuesday, March 29 at 5:30 p.m., with many teachers hoping to get a glimpse of the Fresh Start initiative that will be implemented at three schools in the district.

Teachers at Kingsbury High, Hamilton High and Airways Achievement Academy have been designated as ‘Fresh Start’ sites.

As part of the “Fresh Start” initiative, teachers at these three schools will be forced to reapply for their jobs, as Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray continues to move forward with the district’s stated goal. to “ensure the best results for students”.

Schools identified as “fresh start” locations will undergo academic review, making all teaching positions available for reconsideration, with the option of welcoming new teachers and instructional instructors.

The MSCS media relations representative said that all teachers who wish to return to “Fresh Start” schools must complete a comprehensive re-application and interview process that meets the Human Resources Department’s current application requirements. , whatever their mandate and experience.

A media relations representative also said teachers who reapply “must be selected for an interview.”

“I am not sorry for taking all the necessary steps to bring our district to Level 5, a premier institution that provides a world-class education for every student,” Ray said. “We are at a pivotal time in our district, and I will continue to reinforce the goal of moving from intervention to innovation.”

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According to Ray, in-depth teacher evaluations are “long overdue.” In an interview with Commercial Appeal, Ray said changes to the academic structure of sites included in the “Fresh Start” initiative are needed to “ensure that [he] has the right people in the right seats.

Who does “Fresh Start” apply to?

A representative from the MSCS media relations team said that the “Fresh Start” initiative is not limited to teachers, but rather works as a complete reassessment of staffing for teaching positions and not educational.

The school district re-evaluated several cabinet-level positions last summer, including the positions of executive directors of equity, curriculum and instruction, and professional learning, as well as the position of director of leadership development and other roles.

The district has also filled a head of school position, which has been vacant for years.

What MSCS said

According to the district’s job board, more than 200 teaching positions have already been listed at the three schools combined.

MSCS provided limited information about the “Fresh Start” initiative, declining to provide in-depth answers to several questions.

When asked probing questions about the initiative, MSCS referred ABC24 to outdated statements made by Superintendent Ray in an article published by Commercial Appeal in June 2021, nearly a year ago.

Despite the MSCS’s refusal to further explain the “Fresh Start” initiative, parents and teachers have several concerns.

MSCS was asked these questions:

“Are the minimum requirements for new educators applying for available positions more or less lenient? »

“What is the consensus applied in the process of selecting a school under the “Fresh Start” initiative?” (Simply put, what factors are present when deciding whether to make a school a “fresh start” place?)

“Are there any specific qualifications that must be met for a school to be eligible to be removed as a ‘Fresh Start’ location?”

“What academic support do Memphis Shelby County schools offer students besides finding qualified teachers/instructors?”

Current teachers and parents are looking forward to eventually getting their many questions answered after the school board meeting.

What we know

According to the minimum qualifications listed in the MSCS Human Resources job posting, a teacher applying to be a calculus teacher at Kingsbury High School must have a valid Tennessee teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree, be “highly qualified and must be “physically and mentally capable of performing the responsibilities and duties of the position.

The same requirements have been listed for other open teaching positions at all three schools for, including but not limited to Geometry, Biology, English, etc.

None of the teaching positions posted on the MSCS human resources page detail the salary that applying teachers can expect to earn, which is surprising given that teachers have expressed frustrations about low salaries during years.

Many of the positions listed have the closing date for applications as 12/31/2022.

In light of the current teacher shortage, the MSCS, parents and students can only wait and see if the “Fresh Start” initiative results in the creation of a qualified university administrative department with a fully staffed in Hamilton and Kingsbury secondary schools.

MSCS said employees who want to work at either school must reapply through HR and complete the interview process if selected.

It is unclear what will happen to former teachers who are not rehired after reapplying.

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