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Property owners in the Muncy School District will not see a property tax increase if the proposed final budget passed by the school board this week does not change before its final approval next month.

The tax rate listed in the budget can be changed until final approval, but Superintendent Dr. Craig Skaluba said that is unlikely to happen.

The proposed property tax rate for 2022-23 reflects no change from the current tax rate of 16.72 mills. The other tax rates, which also remain unchanged, are the labor income tax rate, 1.25%; property transfer tax, 0.5%; and local services, $5.

The board approved the following agreements: Keystone College Dual Enrollment Agreement 2022-23; BLaST IU 17 Online Learning Services 2022-2023 eQUIP, $620-$700 per course for Grades 6-12 and $3,200 annual tuition for K-5 ; BLaST IU 17 2022-23 DaRTS Software Agreement, $2,500 per year plus $175 per user; Siemens Industry Inc., elementary school fire watch service for three years, $440 with an increase of $10 each year; Siemens Industry Inc., emergency telephone monitoring service for secondary schools for three years, $350 with an increase of $10 each year; Richard P. Snodgrass & Co., three-year audit services, $20,000 for the first year, $18,000 to $20,000 for the second, and $18,000 for the third.

The action on a three-year renewal carriage contract with Susquehanna Transit has been filed until next month.

Under staff, the board approved the following for extended day programs and/or community events: teachers, Kim Price, Maura Sleboda, John Tewksbury, Rae Pitchford, Anne Johnson, Jesica Kerstetter, Amanda Hogan, Amy Rosenbaum, Kristi Alexander, Kristy Rosario, Megan Morgan, Kristen Fry, Stacy Williams, Faith Leonard, Matthew Alexander, Zach Wallace, Karen Worth and Sherri Doebler. All teachers are at the collective agreement rate of $30 per hour.

Joelyn Neidig and Meg Hoffman have been approved as tutors at the applicable hourly rate.

Crystal Edkin has been approved as a substitute teacher for the elementary summer program.

They also approved the following personnel elements:

• Wendy Ripley, psychologist, $14 per hour.

• James Williams and Courtney Taylor, substitute teachers for the primary summer program.

• Sonya Johnson and Betsy Dieterle, paraprofessionals, will be paid at their established hourly rate up to 54 hours for the elementary summer program.

• Heather Peters, to assist with technology maintenance efforts over the summer.

• Anita Smith, food service substitute, $10 per hour.

• Karla Grunden and Ann Bieber, babysitters.

• Coaching Appointments: Phil Aiken, Weight Room Supervisor; Ben Murray, Assistant Junior High School Footballer, Fall 2022; and Tiffany Boyles, Head Coach of Junior High Cheerleading, Fall 2022.

The board has accepted the resignation of Sophia Budd, restaurant worker.

The action was filed through next month on the following: Consolidated Grant Coordinator/Liaison, Kim Hamilton 242 Hours and Parent/Community Coordinator, Faith Leonard 104 Hours. Both positions would be at the collective agreement rate.

Other follow-up items included: a contribution in the amount of $6,550.00 to the Muncy Community Action Program (CAP); and agreements with Port Elevator Inc. for elementary elevator service at a cost of $1,824.00 Port Elevator Inc. and high school elevator service at $2,100.00.

The next board meeting will be at 7 p.m., June 20, at the Muncy Jr./Sr. High School Media Center, 200 West Penn St.

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