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Need money? Here’s how to make $10,000 a month

Want to bank in 2022? Maybe you should quit your job and mount TVs for a living. But really, anyway. Take William Young, a 23-year-old who made $160,000 last year on the TaskRabbit handyman platform who does just that.

Below is how Young did it, along with other innovative indie gigs you might not have thought of.

Become a “Tasker”

We’re all curious about Young’s success, so let’s dive into it. After graduating from NYU in 2020 amid the pandemic with just $3,000 to his name, 23-year-old William Young joined TaskRabbit, the marketplace for cleaning, moving, and other home-based businesses. service providers. The Fidi resident soon found himself earning over $130 a day, so he decided to go full-time. To date, he has earned over $200,000.

Joseph Rosenfeld has his own image consulting firm and generates over $30,000 a month helping executives develop their image, personal style and presence.
Stefano Giovannini

“When I started doing tasks, I accepted as many jobs as possible in different categories,” he said. “After gaining experience, I realized I could better understand customers’ moving and furniture needs, so I decided to specialize in those categories.”

Today, around 85% of his work involves mounting televisions, mirrors and paintings. He brings home about $13,500 on average per month.

“My advice to Taskers is to always work on improving your skills and, more importantly, your customer service skills — that’s really half the battle,” he said. “The more outgoing you are, the better.

Become an image consultant

Joseph Rosenfeld consultant in branding/image/personal style.  in his home office
Joseph Rosenfeld is an image consultant living in Brooklyn.
Stefano Giovannini

Growing up, Joseph Rosenfeld, 52, living in Bed-Stuy, was bullied because of his appearance. “I had the revelation that if I created a personal style, everyone would leave me alone,” he said.

The strategy worked and led to a flourishing career, first selling designer clothes, then launching her own image consultancy, focusing heavily on clients in New York and Silicon Valley.

“For the past 21 years, I’ve helped tech and finance geek executives develop their image, personal style and executive presence,” he said. He also works with legal teams to help make a good impression at hearings and trials. In all, his work generates over $30,000 per month.

Her advice to other budding fashionistas?

“Turn a passion for fashion into a satisfying career by studying your personal image and style,” he suggested. “Develop an outreach strategy to find the people you most align with.”

Over time, you can increase your rates. Above all, “don’t ruin yourself by making yourself look Instagrammable,” he said.

Cook up a storm

A Caucasian woman slices a butternut squash on a wooden cutting board.
Liana Werner-Gray has found a way to make money through branded recipe development.
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Liana Werner-Gray, Midtown resident, founder of Earth Diet and health and nutrition coach for Complete Wellness NYC, has reaped significant revenue developing branded recipes.

She earns between $25,000 and $50,000 a month dreaming up trending recipes for client businesses, supplementing her income with recipe video reels on Instagram, for which she gets paid based on the number of views. She also writes meal plans for people with health issues.

“The key is to do two main things at all times; focus on ways to get new clients/projects and secondly, get your clients’ current projects done,” she said.

She advises wannabes to invest in a good camera (she loves the Canon EOS M50), keep up with food trends, and build relationships with brands that make your favorite ingredients.

“Do this by authentically telling them you’re a fan of their product, including links to your work, and sharing that you’d like to talk to them about exploring a partnership,” she said.

Become a virtual assistant

A woman is sitting at a table with her laptop and phone.
Most virtual assistants help with administrative tasks, but some help with other tasks such as social media or more.
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This idea comes from Eliana Goldstein, a certified professional coach in Brooklyn Heights who works with millennials to land high-paying careers they love. Many of them come to see her to create a secondary activity or to start their own business.

“A virtual assistant [VA] is someone who can work remotely to support business owners on the backend of their business,” she said. “Many virtual advisors focus on administrative tasks, but some help with social media, podcasts and more. As a VA, you can support multiple clients at once, so if you get paid a monthly installment by each, you can meet your monthly goal of $10,000.

Start by making a list of the administration services you offer. Then head to sites like freelance marketplaces Upwork and Fiverr, and even Instagram, to find clients.

Create digital resources or a virtual course

Items such as budget templates, lesson plans, or instrumental music all involve up-front creation but are low-maintenance, as Austrian Frances Weir from Salzburg, career and leadership coach at Korn, suggested. ferry.

“It requires research to understand what people find valuable and some initial creation time, but once established, all that’s left to do is market your assets and watch the money roll in,” he said. she stated. “Bonus points (and cash!) go to those who create a series of assets or courses.”

Start saving and reselling items

a variety of colorful shirts hang on a clothes rack in a thrift store
There are several apps that help facilitate the resale of clothing or other items.
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If the past two years isn’t inspiration for clearing clutter from your closet, we don’t know what is. Go even further by buying clothes and accessories to sell with what you already own.

“Look for cool, affordable items at thrift stores. Sites like Poshmark and Mercari have made it so easy to sell old clothes online,” Goldstein said.

You can grow by offering to help friends and family sell old items for a share of the profits.

Consult for startups

In addition to her full-time job as a director of California-based venture capital firm Frontier Ventures, Julia Lemberskiy, 29, of Tudor City, is co-founder and managing director of startup consultancy JJ Studio, helping startups to develop their market channels, plan expansions and hire talent. She charges her clients between $5,000 and $20,000 a month, which earns her $50,000 a month.

“Review your entire career and figure out what the common thread was,” she said. “What is your superpower? What have people asked you for advice on? What did you enjoy doing the most? Tell everyone in your network about it. You’ll be surprised how many businesses in your network need exactly the help you can provide.

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