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Provided by Alice Liles

Note from Alice: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on August 4, 2022. The Muleshoe Chapter of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association has been doing breakfast and bagging for several years, and this year was no exception.

The Muleshoe Chapter of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association continued its tradition of welcoming new teachers to the Muleshoe Independent School District with a breakfast and goody bags filled with items donated by local businesses on Wednesday, August 3 at MISD administration office. This breakfast marks the official start of the new school year for Muleshoe’s thirty-five new teachers and support staff. I have been invited to welcome new teachers and share a few words about TCTA, as a retired Muleshoe teacher and a member of TCTA since 1980 and active at the local and state level, and, coincidentally, a member from CTA who pioneered the idea of ​​gift bags in the 90s, last century! It is always nice every year to see that the current local leaders have maintained the tradition.

Breakfast is the first of the development days for new teachers. After everyone had had time to eat and sightsee a bit, Dr. Richards, Superintendent of MISD, introduced the administrative staff and Val McCamish introduced the officers and members of the local teachers to help with breakfast and the bags. Val is president of the local CTA, April Smith is vice president, Angela Reyes is treasurer, and Cheyenne Cage is secretary. Members Christy Montiel and Vanessa Ramirez were on hand to help organize and serve the delicious breakfasts provided by several local members; Christy and Vanessa, along with members Belinda Head and Vicky Garza, helped officers fill the bags the night before. I was able to help with that too, and it was fun to see all the great things shared by twenty-six generous businesses and churches here at Muleshoe.

Dr. Richards involved the new teachers in the introductions by having them turn to the person sitting next to them, get to know them a bit, and then introduce themselves to the rest of us, as Phelicia Ruvalcaba did. and Brandt Davis after learning where they came from and what subject they would teach on which campus.

President McCamish then spoke about TCTA and the benefits of becoming a member, as did Angela Reyes who, in addition to being local treasurer, was recently elected at the state level as a director on the board of administration of ATTC. It was then my turn, and I added my thoughts on the value of a TCTA membership and my opinion that new recruits will enjoy teaching in a small school district like Muleshoe.

I was also pleased to announce that the Principal of Muleshoe High School, Cindy Bessire, was named TCTA’s State Administrator of the Year.

After the officers handed out the TCTA membership flyers, it was time for the goody bags. New teachers are essentially adult children, after all, and experienced teachers know that you don’t give kids a bag full of fun stuff and then expect them to listen to what you want to tell them! So, now that all the talks were over, each new person received a bag full of little treasures that would help them get acquainted with the businesses of their new place of residence.

Once the bags were distributed, it was time for the CTA members to leave so that the new teachers could step into their new jobs, jobs that I told them were the most important, the most difficult, the most frustrating and the most rewarding they could have chosen.

And we’re glad they chose to pursue those jobs here at Muleshoe.

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