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Heroic received an unenviable hand before setting foot in Charlotte.

Bad experiences with an airline left them stranded in New Jersey, awake for over 30 hours and frustrated. Ubisoft and FACEIT stepped in to help them and put them up in the last motel with a room for them. That wasn’t the end of their troubles, however – their luggage didn’t make it to Charlotte with them.

It’s normal to feel frustrated when the journey doesn’t go as planned, let alone for a Major. Murat “MrOfficer” Motevalli says their training was completely turned around and there were mentality issues until yesterday, the day before the tournament. “It continued, snowballing into a shitshow,” MrOfficer said of the travel issues. “…I’m not going to lie, it definitely ruined our mind a bit, also our training and so on, we had to cancel all of that, but a little reset, a little chat with the boys and so on. sequel, eventually we turned it around.”

International travel has been a sore point in this major cycle, to say the least. Due to an inability to obtain visas, w7m, Team oNe and FURIA are playing the Major online from Mexico. Elevate also didn’t get a US visa, and without a Mexico visa, he can’t fully play. Heroic’s struggles are part of a larger narrative, one that they’re grateful to have escaped the worst of. “You can either cry about it or you can deal with it,” he said.

However, mentality struggles can completely upset teams. MrOfficer functions as the father of the team – he says it can be difficult to get everyone to open up about their frustrations or feelings due to certain cultural expectations of masculinity.

Even after Heroic sorted it all out, they were still “pissed off” by the ordeal. The normal 10-15 minute resets weren’t enough – so last night they sat down to clear the air which MrOfficer says lasted for hours. “Everyone was together and we became very hard on each other. At this point, with how we had performed in training and so on, we weren’t happy. We had to take the risk of saying “okay, we have to be as honest with each other as possible” and try to build from there.

MrOfficer went on to say that he believes the difference between the Major’s teams is those who make excuses and those who don’t. He also feels that yesterday’s meeting was a real breakthrough for the team, and that they have regained good mental strength. “It’s time to step in and get the job done,” he said.

Heroic is the number one seed in Europe. They were head and shoulders above the rest of the field in terms of regional competition. They were the first team to qualify for the event.

If Heroic has his mental game sorted, he’s going to be a terror for server teams. The Major’s course could have changed to a one-hour meeting, held the same day before the Major’s start.

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