Mom sends ‘tough’ email to daughter’s teacher in response to her classroom rules: ‘Don’t back down’

A mother wonders if she handled a situation correctly with her daughter’s teacher.

She took to Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She told her daughter to stand up to a bully at school. But when her daughter stood firm, teacher felt she was excluding the bully, mom chose to stand up for her daughter.

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“My daughter is 12, I try to teach her ways to create and respect her age-appropriate boundaries,” she explained. “Teach her that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to things she feels uncomfortable with. There’s a boy in her class who keeps bothering her and her friends at recess. I encouraged her to come to me or her teacher when this happens.

“My daughter told me a few days ago that in class the teacher asked the children to form groups of about four or five. She had formed a group of five with other girls, and then the boy who had given her a hard time at recess came over and said he was joining their group. […] My daughter then said they didn’t want to work with him and he should find another band. A few of the other girls agreed with her. He said “you can’t kick me out like that, it’s against class rules”, and she said she didn’t care.

The mother was proud of how her daughter handled the situation, but the teacher was not on the same page.

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“I first heard about this from my daughter, and the way she spoke about it, she had been firm but not mean,” she wrote. “But then I got an email from her teacher saying she wanted to call. […] I sent him an email saying…

‘Dear Madam (Professor)

I’m sorry, but that’s not a lesson I feel comfortable teaching my daughter.

She’s at the age where she already has to deal with unwanted attention, and I make a point of teaching her that she doesn’t have to be with someone who makes her feel uncomfortable. And that a young woman can choose to spend time with people who make her feel respected.

I understand you already know that (Boy) behaved in a way that made her uncomfortable during recess, based on our previous conversations.

She emailed me back to request a face-to-face meeting with the manager. I’m preparing for this but wondering if my email wasn’t too harsh.

Redditors supported the mother’s position.

“Do NOT back down, even when they pressure you,” one user said.

“Your email is perfect and not too harsh at all!” another commented.

“You protect your daughter,” one person wrote.

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