Mike Tomlin explains why he threw a lifeline at Brian Flores: ‘Because I can do it, and it makes me smile’

While the Pittsburgh Steelers have been more active than usual this offseason in their roster-building methods, arguably one of their most important decisions was to hire the former Miami Dolphins head coach. Brian Flores as an assistant after being let go after the 2021 season.

Flores, who of course is currently suing the NFL as well as several teams, believes he saw his opportunities in the league suffer as a result of the lawsuit, which in itself has become part of the lawsuit. While passed over for the head coaching positions, it was Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin who offered him to join us.

The topic has come up a few times already this offseason, but he seemed to discuss it a little more candidly during his recent appearance on Bleav in Steelers with Mark Bergin and one of his former players, Ike Taylor. . When asked why he decided to give Flores the opportunity after struggling to find another job after Miami, he was pretty candid about it for multiple purposes.

“Because I’m able to do it, and it makes me smile,” he replied when asked why. “You work hard throughout your career to be able to do good when you have the chance, and that, quite frankly, felt too ‘fair’ to me.”

Tomlin is, of course, a 15-year veteran head coach, the NFL’s longest-serving head coach behind only Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, in one of the most stable organizations in all of American professional sports. He knows he would have the structural support behind this decision. But it was also, it is believed, a wise footballing decision.

“Now, apart from the ‘good’ component and providing a lifeline to someone who deserves it, man, I’ve got a really good football coach,” he said. “A guy who I believe is one of the top 32 in the world in this business. And I’ve had this guy here as an assistant football coach. It’s unbelievable.”

Flores was a well-respected assistant who cut his teeth under Belichick for many years and even has scouting experience deep in his resume. He had a three-year tenure with the Dolphins, which was tumultuous but, by most, exceeded his modest expectations.

His dismissal came as a surprise to most, and it was expected that he would soon find another head coaching position. He’s reportedly been close once or twice, including in Houston, where longtime Patriots staffer Nick Caserio is now general manager. Flores claims his lawsuit is the reason he didn’t get that job.

But whatever jobs he didn’t get, he now has one in Pittsburgh. The question is how long he will hold it. Will it just be a one-year gap before he lands another head coaching job? For selfish reasons, I hope it’s at least two years, because a coach has to be on staff for two years to qualify for compensation under the revised Rooney rule.

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