Marketing Coordinator / Travel Content Creator

Dear Future Marketing Coordinator/Travel Content Creator,

Have you scrolled through job postings that seem unattractive or boring AF?

Don’t tell me, I bet the usual script says: “We are looking for someone with at least 10 years of experience, you will be a motivated person but also a team player, you will manage our Facebook and Twitter account (because that’s what worked for us in 2011).

How many of them actually speak to you about the company and the culture?

How many times do you even want to keep reading the ad? Not much, right?

If you’re going to work every day, devoting your time and energy to building a career, you should be looking for an organization that matches your values ​​and a role you truly believe in.

Imagine being really excited about going to work, what a feeling!

If your face lights up as you read this, this might be the most important job posting you’ve ever read.

Here’s why…

When looking for the best people to join our team, we look for people who are active, passionate about travel, marketing and connecting with people.

We want our team to be creative, ambitious and enthusiastic about stepping out, and our travelers, out of their comfort zone.

Hold the phone… (you probably are) what is a marketing coordinator/travel content creator anyway?

It’s someone who :

  • Cares about the experience of international travelers in Australia
  • Wants to inspire people to travel
  • Wants travelers returning home to shout from the rooftops that “everyone must go on a trip!”
  • Truly believes that travel allows people to see the world differently.

You can help travelers around the world make their dreams come true.

I know it sounds corny, but the positive effect our tours and our community have on people is astounding. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor if you don’t believe us…

A marketing coordinator/travel content creator helps travelers start their journey by inspiring them with infotainment, sprinkled with bants (if I could add a GIF here, it would be Salt Bae).

The future traveler is sitting in his bedroom on the other side of the world, doom scrolling TikTok & Insta, and wants to make the most of his life… that’s when we hit him with what Australia has to offer.

We also offer longer videos on YouTube to help travelers ensure they want to visit Australia during the working holiday/gap year.

A marketing coordinator/travel content creator is an essential part of Welcome to Travel, for people to travel with us…they need to know us.

Ok, a little about us, our social networks and our marketing success so far…

  • We are a comprehensive travel solutions company for young people looking to travel to Australia.
  • We run award-winning tours in Melbourne, Sydney and the East Coast of Australia for international travellers.
  • Our Welcome to Melbourne tour is the number one tour on TripAdvisor, with all 5* reviews… SAY WHAAAAAAT!
  • We have hosted travelers from 37 different countries.
  • Our content has been featured on UNILAD.
  • We’ve worked with some of the best YouTubers in the world.
  • We even had a viral video…Things Never Said By Backpackers got 30 million views!
  • We live and breathe travel and our vision is to create a world where everyone is encouraged to travel.

Social profile:

  • Instagram 12,000 followers
  • 1,700 YouTube subscribers
  • Facebook 25,000 subscribers
  • TikTok… let’s just say it needs a little work.

People want to make the most of their life, especially after the last two years. We know traveling helps people do it, we know Australia has everything a traveler could want, and we know we provide the best experiences for those travellers.

Let us tell you about the role

  • No two days are the same. It will not be routine, one-time work in and out.
  • We encourage good ideas from all team members. We’re not afraid to take risks and try new things.
  • You’ll get hands-on training and work alongside our co-founder Darryl, who took the brand from an idea to what we are today.

You will be:

  • Social planning – making sure what we produce goes live at the right time.
  • Contribute to content ideas at marketing meetings alongside one of the co-founders.
  • Behind the camera on our award-winning tours, get new content from our travelers and tour guides in action. .
  • In front of the camera, be the face of Welcome to Travel and inspire new travelers from all over the world.
  • Editing informational videos about working holiday experiences and Australia for all social platforms. You will have the chance to create content yourself, use content created by other members of our team and have access to a catalog of content from the best travel videographer in the world.
  • Editing images from our own catalog, what our travelers send us and what you capture for our website and Insta.

So if you’re passionate about travel, like the sound of working as part of a passionate and progressive team, and want to play a positive role in a traveler’s journey, we’d love to hear from you.

Please take the time to write a cover letter that tells us about YOU.

We don’t want the boring stuff, we want the juicy details.

We want you to jump off the page like you’re actually in the room, telling us who YOU ​​are, your social media earnings, your social profiles, and specifically why you think you’d be the perfect candidate for this role.

If you cannot make the time to do so, please do not apply.

If you really want to stand out…try grabbing our attention on a TikTok or Instagram Reel with #welcometotravelhireme

We want someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives and go the extra mile.


We are looking for someone who is:

  • Driven, confident and energetic – just like everyone else on the team.
  • Video editing skills – we use HitFilm but can also use Final Cut / Adobe Premiere.
  • Photo editing skills – we use Affinity and Canva but can also use Photoshop / Lightroom
  • An excellent communicator – on camera and IRL
  • Passionate about travel – obviously
  • Good organizational skills – to catalog content and plan shoots
  • A problem solver – how do you go viral again?

We want someone who can grow with the business and in this role we therefore only hire Australian residents and citizens based in Melbourne.

What we offer

  • Full-time position with salary- we want you to be part of the Welcome to Travel family and grow with us.
  • Extensive training and ongoing support – we want you to be the best version of you in this role and we take training very seriously. We’ll provide you with industry-leading training and ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed.
  • A motivated and united team – we are a small but mighty team looking out for each other to ensure travelers have the best possible experience.
  • Travel advantages – once you have familiarized yourself with your role, various travel opportunities will be available to you. We can’t let travelers have fun, you deserve to discover this beautiful country too.
  • Marketing course – Cert IV or Diploma so you can learn academically as well as on the job.

Applications close May 29. Successful applicants will hear from us by June 3 and interviews are expected to begin the week of June 6.

The role is scheduled to start on June 29, 2022.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.

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