Longtime, award-winning Indianapolis photojournalist Jim Young has died

Jim Young had a knack for being in the right place at the right time with a camera in his hands. The longtime photojournalist has captured Indianapolis news, sports, and one of Indianapolis’ most memorable crimes.

Young worked for The Indianapolis News from 1961, then for The Indianapolis Star in 1995. He retired in 1998 and died Monday at age 86.

“The fact that he landed in photojournalism was so perfect for him,” said Mindy Marshall, his daughter. “The main thing that attracted him was the fact that he could create art in a different way.”

The best-known photos of Young were taken from a hostage situation in downtown Indianapolis in 1977. A man wired a shotgun to another man’s neck, then walked him through town before commandeering a police cruiser – Young was there to capture the ordeal.

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