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Letters to the Editor: Commissioner Candidates Receive Endorsements

Lohr recommended for commissioner

My husband, Mark, and I have had the privilege of knowing Jeremy Lohr and his family for over 15 years. Lohr has done a lot of construction and renovation work for us, both personally and in our main business.

He has always worked with us to find solutions and options for our construction needs at a fair price and his work is superior. His knowledge of construction and the housing market has greatly increased over the years. And, over time, we got to know him and his family as friends. Lohr’s Christian upbringing and continued walk in faith helped guide him through life.

We highly recommend him for the position of County Commissioner.

Cindie Cole


Re-elect Zimmerman as commissioner

I would like to tell you a bit about Russ Zimmerman, who is running for re-election as Sandusky County Commissioner. He has always been a person who works to get the hard questions answered. In high school and beyond, Russ was always the person who stepped in, listened, gathered information, then researched everything before giving or issuing an opinion. While serving as commissioner for the past four years, he did just that.

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