Lafayette trustee criticizes former employees for not having received an itemized receipt

The Township of Fairfield offices, 718 Wabash Ave., on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 in Lafayette.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one of many reports on the court-ordered disclosure of Fairfield Township credit card statements and what those credit card statements reveal. However, trustee Tabetha Coles has not provided receipts for credit card purchases and statements are missing.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. –Fairfield Township Administrator Tabetha Coles blamed township employees for not having itemized receipts to help understand township credit card statements that she was forced to release by court order.

The Journal & Courier requested the receipts in its September 2021 request to inspect the public records, which is the subject of litigation.

Asked about receipts on Tuesday, Coles wrote: ‘Previous staff destroyed a lot of our receipts and other documents, so they’re not even available to me.’

Former staff members objected to Coles blaming them.

Fairfield Township Administrator Tabetha Coles during a Fairfield Township budget proposal meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, in Lafayette.

“Ms. Coles is making very serious and vague accusations,” former Township employee Kelli Stump wrote in response. “Which employee(s)? What documents or receipts are missing?

“Ms. Coles is able to generate receipts by contacting vendors with purchase dates from township credit card statements.”

Teresa Meyers, who kept the books under the former administrator, worked in the township office until October 2019 – 10 months into Coles’ tenure. After repeatedly harassing Coles for statements, Coles told Meyers to do his job or leave, Meyers said last summer.

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