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YOUNGSTOWN — A jury on Thursday found Luis M. Johnson, 24, of Catalina Avenue guilty of attempted murder and felony assault and four specifications in the Oct. 12, 2020, shooting of Tevin Gregory, 25, in a Fairfax Avenue house on the east side.

The jury deliberated about an hour late Wednesday and about an hour Thursday morning before returning guilty verdicts. Johnson was taken from the courtroom to the Mahoning County Jail and his bail was revoked. He will be sentenced later.

Johnson, who spoke on Wednesday to testify on his own behalf, was found guilty in a shooting that prosecutors say involved Johnson and 23-year-old Tyree Robinson.

Testimony during the trial suggested the shooting was prompted by Johnson being unhappy that his child’s mother was in a relationship with Gregory.

The attempted murder and felony assault convictions could result in around 20 years in prison, but the specs could also add more than 10 years to Johnson’s sentence.

Robinson was originally to be tried with Johnson. He will now be tried separately, but he does not yet have a trial date.

A Youngstown police detective testified that Johnson’s mother, Elena Colon, came to the Youngstown Police Department and told Cox and another detective that the shooting involved her son, Luis.

Colon said she came to the police because Luis was upset about the breakup with his former girlfriend, the woman who was now seeing Gregory, and that Luis didn’t like Gregory being with the child he had. had with his former girlfriend.

Colon testified at trial, agreeing that she told police that Robinson was “pulling the trigger, Luis was with him”.

But when asked about other statements she allegedly made to police about the shooting, she said she was lying when she told police certain things or didn’t. didn’t remember saying it.

She also testified that she was “actually very psychotic” at the time she spoke with police.

Detective Michael Cox also said he spoke to Payton Mraz, a friend of Johnson, at the police station on October 20, 2020, and she said Johnson stayed with her overnight the morning of the shooting.

But later she changed her story and said Johnson didn’t stay with her. When Mraz testified, she said she was lying when she said Johnson was at her house the night of the shooting.

Deputy county attorney Rob Andrews asked Mraz during the trial whether she initially “covered up” for Johnson by telling police he was with her the night of the shooting.

“Yes,” she said.

When Johnson took the stand, he told the jury he was sleeping at his grandmother’s house on Catalina Avenue on the north side the morning of the shooting, and his mother woke him up talking on the phone to the former girlfriend. of Johnson that Gregory had been shot.

He said he told police he was with Mraz the night and early morning of the shooting, “which was not true. The reason I said that is because I’ve never been in trouble with the law before.

He added: “I’ve never been involved in anything like this so I just wanted to get as far away from it as possible so I asked Payton to say so.”

Johnson testified that his mother misinterpreted a poem he wrote as a suicide note.

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