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JRNY Crypto Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the Crypto YouTuber?

JRNY Crypto’s Tony is a hugely successful internet personality in the cryptocurrency space. He has a YouTube channel and website dedicated to discussing blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trading, altcoins, and more. As of 2022, JRNY Crypto has an estimated net worth of $4 million.


JRNY Crypto is very open about its opinions on all things crypto. However, the same is not true of his personal life. He’s an individual, but his full name is allegedly Tony Spark.

His supposed last name is based on his backup Twitter account. However, it is unclear whether this is his legitimate surname. The YouTuber never confirmed this. Nevertheless, he is still called Tony in his uploads.

Moreover, it is reasonable to believe that Tony has spent a considerable amount of time studying the ins and outs of crypto and trading since it became his area of ​​expertise.

YouTube career

The online personality started his YouTube channel in 2017, but his oldest uploads date back to 2020. Since the beginning, he has always focused on delivering crypto and finance related content.

Its content mainly covers the latest cryptocurrency news. He also shares his altcoin trading secrets to help fans find profitable trading ideas. This is how Tony started gaining subscribers. The channel’s growth was slow at first, but it gained momentum as he shared his in-depth views on altcoins.

Now, he is considered one of the most knowledgeable YouTubers in the crypto space. It is part of Brian Jung, BitBoy Crypto, Coin Bureau, Lark Davis, CryptosRUs, etc. As of this writing, Tony has over 664,000 subscribers.

Other companies

Apart from making videos, he generates income from various sources. Around the time he started actively uploading on his JRNY Crypto channel, Tony launched a website to build his brand.

The purpose of the site was the same as its videos, to share news and opinions on the latest crypto updates. However, his uploads on his website are not as consistent as on his channel.

Tony is also big on NFTs. In 2021, it joins the OpenSea marketplace. Since then, he has collected over 3,600 non-fungible tokens. He also created JRNY CLUB, a membership for his future NFT projects.

Net worth and earnings

According to Social Blade, JRNY Crypto earns around $1,000 per month from YouTube advertising revenue. Since crypto attracts a lot of premium advertisers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it earned at least triple that figure. In addition to advertising revenue, JRNY earns additional money through affiliate programs such as Binance, Webull, and BlockFi. Apart from running his chain, trading altcoins is probably his most profitable business.

Although he hasn’t revealed his wallet yet, he is known to back Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a bunch of altcoins. This includes Cardano, Polygon, The Sandbox, Chainlink, and ApeCoin. Apart from trading, he also does crypto staking. Of course, there are his undisclosed earnings on NFTs. This all translates to a net worth of $4 million.

Private life

As mentioned, Tony is a mysterious man. He keeps most of his personal data to himself. It is not known if he is single or married. It seems that he is currently only focusing on work.

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