Job fair in Poplar Bluff attracts over 100 job seekers

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) – More than a hundred people turned out for the 2022 job fair and career expo at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff on Tuesday.

About 60 employers in the region were on hand as they sought to fill numerous vacancies.

These positions range from several counties in the southeastern region of Missouri to jobs in healthcare, truck drivers, education and more.

We spoke with several representatives of businesses in the region. One of them offered a semi-trailer truck driving simulation course with the opportunity to become a real truck driver. This is something we are told the region needs more of.

“Especially right now with the trucking industry as it is, there are jobs absolutely everywhere,” said Ashley Fowler, CDL instructor at Three Rivers College. “So we like being able to go out to places like this because we offer our classes, not just for this program but for others, and we can usually get you funded through federal programs and things like that.”

Missouri Highlands Health Care officials said they are trying to fill dozens of positions at their southeastern Missouri clinics.

“It’s very important because we serve 7 different counties in rural areas,” said Tasha Parks, Missouri Highlands Healthcare Recruiter. “Without our clinics being fully staffed, we cannot best serve the community. »

“It’s very beneficial to meet people in person. You get that 1-on-1 time. We can answer any questions they might have right there instead of waiting for a phone call or an interview,” said Ceann Farley, human resources generalist for Missouri Highlands Health Care. “It’s important that we get our name out there so that community members know what we offer and the variety of services we provide. »

Representatives from the Missouri Department of Mental Health were also present. They said they were looking for several people interested in helping people with mental disorders.

Lisa Ledbetter, a direct care assistant with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, said they’re looking to hire as many people as possible and that this place is a great opportunity to meet people.

“It’s wonderful because the first impression, people want to know what your company is, the salary, the benefits you offer and things like that”, “They want to talk to someone who has been there for many years, who somehow knows what the experience is.

Job seekers we spoke with said it was a great opportunity to see what’s out there and speak directly to company representatives.

“I saw the job fair sign and thought I’d stop by to see what was available. I want to supplement my current job,” Melanie Weir said. “It gives everyone a chance to see what’s really out there without having to travel to multiple different locations. Of course, even online, it is sometimes difficult to access websites.

The job fair is sponsored by the parents’ working committee, which is made up of various community partners in the region.

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