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JetBlue is committed to more jobs and better wages

JetBlue has released a letter and video message to Spirit team members following JetBlue’s upcoming shareholder vote and proxy campaign. The message was posted to ensure that Spirit team members are aware of JetBlue’s commitment to them should a combination with Spirit go forward:

“Hello Spirit team members,

The past few months have been very busy in the airline industry, especially for our two companies. We know this process can be confusing and we thought you’d like to hear from us directly. We don’t want all the talk about a “hostile” takeover to discourage you about your potential future with JetBlue if we reach an agreement with Spirit.

More than anything, we want you to know that we’re really excited about partnering with Spirit. We have so much respect for the members of the Spirit team and believe we can bring the best of both airlines together to create a new low-cost national carrier to take on the Big Four – just as JetBlue has done for 22 years.

JetBlue has an incredibly strong culture and set of values, and we know you do too. If we have the opportunity to grow as a single company, we plan to offer you the benefits of working for JetBlue:

>We offer higher pay and better benefits than Spirit or Frontier.

    A combined JetBlue and Spirit will grow and add more high paying jobs to our network.
    Although we are New York’s Hometown Airline®, we have deep roots in Central and South Florida and intend to further expand our existing campuses in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

      As we’ve said before, we’ll match retention incentives for everyone who’s been promised them. We believe it’s critical that great talent stay through the transition and pursue long-term careers with JetBlue.
      We’re proud to have never terminated crew members or sent out a WARN Act notice in our 22-year history, and we continue to uphold our non-termination pledge.
      Through our growing network, Crew Member Travel Benefits can take you from Canada to Peru and across the pond to London – with other European destinations en route – while enjoying our award-winning JetBlue experience, including our premium experience, Mint.
      Speaking of flying, we’re upgrading our fleet to be all Airbus, with amazing new interiors and an order book of A321neos, LR, XLR and A220 aircraft.

    Both JetBlue and Spirit have strong commitments to their employees, their communities and to diversity, equity and inclusion.

      At JetBlue, we invest in our people with innovative career development opportunities like our JetBlue Scholars University Degree Program and our career path programs developing frontline crew members for support center roles. Our JetBlue Gateways pilot and maintenance technician training programs provide new opportunities for existing crew members and their families.
      Our Community Connection program gives crew members a chance to win tickets to a nonprofit of their choice by donating volunteer hours to a local charity, and our Foundation champions diversity in STEM education and creates career paths for the next generation in aviation. And, like Spirit, volunteering in our communities and giving back is central to our culture.
      We are an industry leader in sustainability and are committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, well ahead of industry.

    Despite all the good things we want you to know about JetBlue, it’s no secret that we’re still emerging from the pandemic, and it’s a tough business, even at the best of times. While every company encounters bumps in the road from time to time and faces difficult situations where reasonable people disagree, at JetBlue we always work very hard to do the right thing for our members. of crew and our customers in these times, keeping our “Inspire Humanity”® mission in mind. We have many challenges that together we can meet more effectively.

    We can’t predict how this will all play out, but we can say one thing with certainty: we will warmly welcome Spirit’s 10,000+ team members to JetBlue should the opportunity arise. We have a chance to build with you the fifth largest airline that customers deserve. An airline that offers both low fares and award-winning service. An airline that truly challenges the Big Four with a product and a price they can’t ignore. An airline customers love. An airline we can all be proud to say we work for every day.

    Together, we can prove the doubters wrong – just like our founders did 22 years ago when they overturned conventional wisdom and changed the industry by launching a small airline in the competitive New York market. cheap with in-seat TVs and friendly crew called JetBlue. ”- Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue.

    JetBlue has been recognized as North America’s Best Low-Cost Airline 2021 by the World Travel Awards

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