Jet2 claims boss ‘blamed post-Brexit labor market for delays not ‘lazy Brits’

UK airports have been hit by chaos this week with huge queues, delays and flight cancellations.

But, the Sun says Jet2 boss Steve Heapy made explosive comments during talks this week.

The newspaper cited rumors that Mr Heapy blamed ‘lazy Brits who live on benefits and sit on their asses’ for the disruption, but Jet2 says those are not the views of the company or the boss himself.

The Sun also claimed that Mr Heapy had blamed Brits for not showing up for job interviews or not taking the process seriously.

But, it is not clear if such rumors are true.

Jet2 said the comment was “absolutely not” the view of the company or Mr Heapy.

Manchester Airport on April 8
Manchester Airport on April 8

A spokesman noted that he had spoken of frustrations with the labor market, over Brexit, and it was this frustration that was made clear at the meeting.

The spokesperson for and Jet2holidays said: “As a UK airline and tour operator which unlike others has had zero cancellations thanks to our proactive recruitment strategy, we are extremely proud of our UK colleagues who work hard and continue to deliver award-winning services. customer service for UK customers every day.

“In a meeting with government and industry on Friday, Mr Heapy expressed his frustrations with the current jobs market – as Brexit has taken hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people out of the job market. work and it impacts many industries, including ours.

“To clarify, the other reports released are categorically not the views of Mr. Heapy or our proudly UK-based company.”

Jet2 has spoken out on the claims
Jet2 has spoken out on the claims

Earlier this week easyJet and BA called for more powers to hire European workers without a visa.

A number of airlines said the flight problems were due to staff shortages.

The industry has struggled after being unable to replace staff lost during the pandemic.

Unemployed seagoing personnel residing in Spain have been identified as a possible alternative pool of workers.

However, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps declined the appeal to European workers during talks on Thursday.

Ground staff company Swissport, which is often in charge of baggage at UK airports, said baggage handlers wanted more money because demand is so high.

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Meanwhile easyJet said it is struggling to fill the vacancies as workers want more than the £17,000-24,000 wages on offer.

Other airports have also noted that they have seen an increase in passengers with disabilities or requiring assistance from staff – this means they are required to spend more on mobility vehicles.

A number of disabled or less mobile passengers have reported being left alone on planes or at gates for hours as they attempted to travel in recent weeks.

And, easyJet, TUI and BA have canceled further flights in the coming weeks.

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