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Southwestern’s Dontae Hoose throws the discus during Friday’s Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Championships at Falconer’s Bill Racecourse. Photo of PJ by Tim Frank

FALCONER — The Southwest Boys have had a history of success as a team, as evidenced by their fifth consecutive Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 title earlier this week.

It is no coincidence that Trojans are also very good individually.

Seniors Trenton Shutters and Dontae Hoose picked up victories in the 800 meters and discus respectively on day one of the CCAA Championships at Bill Race Field on the campus of Falconer Central School.

Shutters posted a winning time of 1:57.27 to hold off Randolph’s Roan Kelly (1:57.52), while Hoose threw the drive 125ft, 2in to win by a comfortable margin over Kevin Edwards-Hardy of ‘Allegany-Limestone (111- 0).

Those efforts were just two of a handful of strong performances from the region’s best last night.

Maple Grove’s Sam Eimiller clears the bar in the high jump. Photo of PJ by Tim Frank

Other winners among the boys were Kelly in the 3,200 metres, Devin Austin of Falconer/Cassadaga Valley in the long jump and Sam Eimiller of Maple Grove in the high jump.

Kelly posted a school record time of 9:38.92 to smash Allegany-Limestone’s Jacob Brink (9:39.71) in the 3,200 metres; Austin jumped 21-4.5 in the long jump, just ahead of Southwestern’s Michael Butterfield (21-3.75); and Eimiller’s 5-10 high jump eclipsed Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Austin and Gerald Carris with fewer misses.

In the five women’s events, five different schools were represented.

Abby Brunenavs of Maple Grove won the 800 meters; Angelina Napoleon of Allegany-Limestone won the 3,000 metres; Falconer/Cassdaga Valley’s Ella Eckstrom placed first in the triple jump; Franklinville’s Tarryn Herman captured the shot; and Randolph’s Corinne Inkley won the pole vault.

Brunenavs’ time of 2:25.44 in the 800 meters was more than nine seconds better than Randolph’s second Sydney Smith (2:34.84); Napoleon set a strong pace in the 3,000 meters with a time of 9:45.46, as Southwestern’s Emma Lewis (10:39.68) was second; Eckstrom’s triple jump jump (32-11) was 5 inches better than Frewsburg’s Gracie Conlan (32-6); Herman’s best shot put attempt (32-6) edged Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Autumn Lynn (30-10); and Inkley’s best pole vault effort was 9-0 to fend off teammates Eve Adams (8-9) and Willow Rader (8-6).

Frewsburg’s Gracie Conlan flies through the air during the triple jump. Photo of PJ by Tim Frank

The CCAA Championships continue today with finals scheduled in 26 events. They start at 10 a.m.



800m: Trenton Shutters (Southwestern), Roan Kelly (Randolph), Alex Reynolds (Falconer), Elias Quintero (Chautauqua Lake), Joe Krenzer (Falconer). T–1:57.27

3,200m: Roan Kelly (Randolph), Jacob Brink (Allegany-Limestone), Ethan Luce (Southwest), Nate Lewis (Southwest), Joe Krenzer (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley). T–9:38.92

Maple Grove’s Abby Brunenavs runs the 800 meters. Photo of PJ by Tim Frank

Long Jump: Devin Austin (Falconer/Cassdaga Valley), Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), David Speagle (Chautauqua Lake), Damion Bish (Allegany-Limestone), Josh Bush (Randolph). T–21-4.5

Records: Dontae Hoose (South West), Kevin Edwards-Hardy (Allegany-Limestone), Will Hoden (South West), Wayne Swogger (Chautauqua Lake), Dominic Breton (Franklinville). T–125-2

High Jump: Sam Eimiller (Maple Grove), Devin Austin (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Gerald Carris (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Bryan Randolph (Portville), Joanh Foley (Maple Grove), Maddox Bush (Franklinville). H–5-10


800m: Abby Brunenavs (Maple Grove), Sydney Smith (Randolph), Ashlyn Collins (Allegany-Limestone), Alyssa Williams (Franklinville), Siera Porpiglia (Dunkirk). T–2:25.44

3000m: Angelina Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Emma Lewis (Southwestern), Lucy Brown (Southwestern), Olivia Harmony (West Valley), Lilianna Peters (Allegany-Limestone). T–11:52.77

Triple jump: Ella Eckstrom (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Gracie Conlan (Frewsburg), Emma Foley (Maple Grove), Julia LeBarron (Fredonia), Abby Roth (Fredonia). D–32-11

Shot Put: Tarryn Herman (Franklinville), Autumn Lynn (Falconer/Cassadaga Valley), Jillian Rea (Salamanca), Madigan Collver (Frewsburg), Elizabeth Price (Franklinville). D–32-6

Pole vault: Corinne Inkley (Randolph), Eve Adams (Randolph), Willow Rader (Randolph), Emily Cardinale (Jamestown), Olivia Dean (Portville). H–9-0

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