isolved launches conversational virtual assistant for HR answers and assistance where and when employees need it

The company brings People Cloud popular collaboration apps

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Conversational virtual assistants (VAs) are becoming a standard way to interact with technology, providing much simpler and easier ways to access information and services. In a recent survey, 71% of full-time employees said they were willing to use conversational AV to complete human resources (HR) tasks. As a key part of delivering the best employee experience, isolved announces the next major addition to its intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) platform by launching an intuitive conversational AI-based chatbot initially for Microsoft Teams and intended for other collaboration and messaging applications where employees work together.

I've resolved

I’ve resolved

Available as part of People Cloud isolved, employees can use conversational AV to ask questions, get answers, and perform day-to-day HR tasks without having to wait for their HR help desk or even log into their HCM platform. This high level of accessibility means that employees can quickly get up-to-date information for things like reviewing leave balance or benefits – all without the employee leaving the work technology app in which it is already found.

“Conversational virtual assistants have become part of our daily lives, but are not widely available where we spend most of our time – at work,” said James Norwood, Marketing and Strategy Director at isolved. “By bringing conversational VA to popular collaboration and messaging apps, employees can get on with HR tasks much faster and then start impacting their organization again. At the same time, employers benefit from a intuitive consumer style that reduces friction and improves retention.”

In addition to freeing up valuable employee time by automating answers to frequently asked questions and completing tasks, employees have access to crucial information when and where they need it. Other key benefits for employers include the following workflows:

  • Simplification of the integration process: Employers can help onboard employees through Microsoft Teams with a built-in interactive chat experience to jumpstart the first days on the job and make it easier for new hires to find what they need, feel connected, and be more productive. rapidly.

  • Makes communicating with employees easy and fun: With isolved’s conversational AV, employees can quickly find answers to common questions about their work schedule, timesheet information, their chosen benefits, and even the payroll questions they need. The VA responds to inquiries in a fun, chat-like way, even helping to book time off and keeping basic HR help desk inquiries to a minimum.

In future releases, isolved’s conversational AV should have even more use cases, expanding those available for HR, payroll, benefits, and workforce management, to employee acquisition and management. talents. For example, collecting employee feedback via regular “pulsed” surveys and helping HR and sales managers schedule polls, quizzes and broadcasts while empowering them to analyze to drive better engagement and improve processes . In-app availability as well as Slack integrationsWhatsAppfacebook messenger and Viber are also planned as part of isolved’s ongoing release process.

See the conversational voice assistant in action by requesting a solved demo.

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