You are currently viewing Ian Hecox, American TV Personality, Net Worth, Childhood, Personal Life, Career & More!

Ian Hecox, American TV Personality, Net Worth, Childhood, Personal Life, Career & More!

Ian Hecox Net worth

Ian Hecox is an American actor, director and producer recognized for his work on YouTube.

With Anthony Padilla, he co-founded Smosh, a successful YouTube channel that has over 30 million views.

Ian Hecox has a YouTube channel where he uploads funny movies. As of this writing, Smosh’s channel has 22 million subscribers, making it the fourth most subscribed on YouTube.

The estimated net worth of Ian Hecox is currently unknown.

After deducting income from his several YouTube channels, films and exhibitions, Ian Hecox will have a net worth of $18 million by 2022.

One of the most successful YouTubers, Ian Hecox, has raised tens of thousands of dollars just by being where he needed to be at the right time.

Known for his excellent comedic timing, he gained great popularity with his regular performances.

Fans of Ian Hecox, a talented artist who has been on YouTube for over 10 years, are still blown away by his work.

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Ian Hecox – Yutube Star, Family, Personal Life – Ian Hecox Biography

Ian Andrew Hecox, better known as Ian Hecox, was born on November 30, 1987 in California, United States. Stephan Andrew Hecox and Sharon Hecox are her parents.

Both have been featured in Smosh Channel videos. Her name is Melissa Hecox, the younger sister of Ian Hecox.

Del Campo High School was Ian’s last stop in high school. It was there that he first met Anthony Padilla, a potential Smosh sidekick.

At the same time, they were both taking a sixth-grade science course.

The now famous Smosh channel was born out of Ian and Anthony’s efforts to upload funny videos to YouTube.

Gaming titles Smosh 2nd Channel and Smosh were among the many YouTube channels Ian started after dropping out of American River University to focus on expanding Smosh.

Private life

YouTube channel Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox net worth, wife

It’s been a long time since Melanie Moat and Ian Hecox got married. It’s called Mainly Melanie by Melanie, and it’s her own channel. Pamela Horton, a model, was romantically involved with Ian shortly after their split in 2014.

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Career was started by Ian Hecox and his friend Anthony Padilla when they were teenagers.

Several of their college colleagues shared the videos they had posted on the site.

On YouTube, a relatively new and growing internet channel, they posted some of their videos.

Due to increased interest in their films on the video-sharing site, Ian and Anthony created the Smosh YouTube account.

Lionsgate acquires worldwide rights to

There are currently 22 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and they have posted hundreds of videos.

The games Smosh, Smosh pit, Elsmosh and Smosh France were all launched following the initial popularity of Ian and his friend’s first channel.

Each channel has a similar add method that includes a variety of demos.

In addition to Smosh: The Movie and Ghostmates, Ian has appeared in other movies (launched on YouTube).

The Indignant Bird, an animated film featuring the voice of Ian, was released.

The Android iShut Up Application was produced by Smosh, and an application for accessing Smosh videos is also available.

It was in 2017 that Anthony Padilla, husband or wife of Ian, left Smosh in order to establish a solo career on YouTube.

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