‘I suffer abroad’: Nigerian woman working in UK breaks down in tears, video stirs emotions

  • A Nigerian woman identified as psych_yemmy recently traveled to the United Kingdom (UK) in search of greener pastures
  • Unfortunately, when she got there, she got a job that stressed her out and overwhelmed her with sadness.
  • In a heartbreaking video, she informed netizens that not everyone who moves abroad has a good life

A TikTok user, psych_yemmy, has shouted at netizens on the app after getting a job in the UK.

The heartbroken lady lamented that her new job has been too stressful and exhausting since she started.

Nigerian woman living in UK, work stress, give up
Nigerian woman in UK screams in stress Photo credit: @psych_yemmy/TikTok
Source: UGC

She also informed netizens that people who move abroad suffer and do not live well. She then prayed that God would help them and bless their restlessness.

In a video shared via her TikTok account, she visited the convenience and wept bitterly over work stress.

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In his words:

“This is me going to the bathroom at work to cry because the job is too stressful for me to want to give up.

“Everyone abroad is suffering. There is no fun here as everyone thinks. God bless all the souls outside their country who are scrambling.”

Reactions on social networks

@ademola1403 said:

“There’s a job for everyone, if it’s stressful there are other jobs for you that match your strength.”

@nubianqueen137 wrote:

“I’ve been there. If it’s too stressful, try applying for other jobs. Your sanity is more important. Sending you love.”

@danielleyoutaa reacted:

“Find the one that’s right for you. We didn’t come into this world to suffer like this. Find your purpose in life. You’ll be fine.”

@yemiwunmi33 said:

“Most of the time not because of work, but when you look back and at the people you left behind and how much you missed them.”

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@olawalefakunmoju said:

“The road may be difficult at first, but if you can be patient, endure and pray, you will reach your goal one day. You have to go through it first.”

@nessie928 added:

“That was me a few months ago for 4 years, I found a job I love but the salary only covers my bills, not food or personal care. There is no winning. “

@chrisas94 added:

“Hmm same here. Yesterday I went to the bathroom because I was really tired and my feet hurt. I shed tears as soon as I started praying.”

@thatgyal_____k said:

“I quit my job 6 months ago with no plan B. I pushed so hard to a point where I lost so much weight, I was the only black girl on that job, racsm.”

Watch the video below:

Lady says Nigerians don’t need to travel abroad

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that due to current economic realities, instead of considering traveling abroad, there are ways to make money online, offline and at home.

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Advancements in technology have paved the way for many businesses to run online, as well as for creatives to get their hands dirty and earn money.

Interestingly, a like-minded young woman urged young Nigerians to look within and put their data to good use and earn a lot of money online because time is money.

Source: Legit.ng

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