How to speed up the recruitment process?

Did you know that the average time to fill a position is 42 days? However, this varies by industry. Yet during this period, top talent may accept an offer elsewhere. And that means you have to keep putting resources into filling that opening. This puts more pressure on your current team as they have an additional workload.

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But, there are additional benefits to speeding up the recruitment process. This improves the candidate experience, but it can also lead to higher acceptance rates. And it will put a smile on the face of your recruiters and leaders.

But how to speed up the recruitment process? Well, try these ten strategies.

1. Improve your job postings.

Let’s not mince our words. The fact that many unqualified candidates apply to your job offers may be due to your job offer. So what makes effective advertising?

Yes. Your job posting must include all essential requirements. However, this should also be an aspiration.

In order to attract top talent, you need to write about why the candidate should choose you over anyone else. In other words, promote your business as the best option.

There is nothing wrong with describing your work following a general pattern. However, it should also include the following criteria:

  • Give a brief description of your business. Be sure to include your company’s slogan or pitch.
  • Clearly indicate whether this is a remote or on-site position. It’s simple to target candidates who are only looking for remote work opportunities.
  • The job offer should also be specific about the role. For example, describe who the candidate will report to and their responsibilities. Also explain how they can succeed in their new role and how to track their performance.
  • List any skills, requirements, or prerequisites your candidates must possess. Of course, some applicants may not apply if they do not meet these requirements. Still, it can help serious candidates decide if this role is right for them.
  • Explain what the benefits of your job or business are. By doing so, candidates will feel valued before they even meet you.

2. Make it easy to apply.

A long and exhausting application process is not attractive to applicants. Plus, they expect to apply directly from their phone. According to Indeed, an estimated 62% of job seekers use mobile devices for their job search globally. Mobile job search is primarily driven by convenience for 55% of job seekers. Additionally, 66% of applicants would use a mobile device to apply for a job if it were easier.

As a result, they expect you to review their resumes. And also limit the remaining fields to relevant information related to the application process.

In fact, Careerbuilder reports that 20% of applicants give up on application forms that take longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Take the time to review your application process. If he doesn’t meet those standards, you need to step up your recruiting game. For starters, you can offer a mobile-friendly application process that helps candidates apply faster by choosing the right recruiting software. Some suggestions would be Zoho Recruit, Recruitee or Freshteam.

3. Encourage passive candidates.

Passive candidates are also encouraged to reach out when recruiting. Often those who are not actively looking for work have extensive experience, ideal for a position you are filling.

Is it difficult to convince specific passive candidates? It can be. You might be able to get an interview with nothing more than a quick email to a few candidates you’re interested in.

4. Automate tasks.

Looking to focus most of your recruiting efforts on jobs that have the most impact? Well, it is essential to remove time-consuming tasks from your schedule.

Thanks to technology, recruitment has become more efficient and faster. Additionally, these tools allow employers to automate menial tasks. For example, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, answering simple questions, or sending rejection emails.

In the same way that talent pipelines influence efficiency, so does task automation. This way, you can focus on improving the speed and quality of your hiring process.

5. Implement an employee referral program.

There are no spoiler warnings here. Many of the best employees are hired internally or through employee referrals. About half of referrals (45%) stay for four years or more. And, only 25% of employees hired on job boards stay for more than two years.

Employee referral programs allow your employees to recruit on your behalf. By doing so, recruiting and hiring will take much less time and advertising costs will be reduced. Candidates with a personal relationship with a current employee are also more likely to accept a job offer.

The best of all? Referral programs are neither complicated nor expensive. You can, for example, try an old-fashioned approach like asking your employees who they know. However, you need to make sure they know you will help them through the process.

6. Leverage AI-powered candidate screening.

Screening candidates is a crucial step in the recruitment process. Why? Recruiters can eliminate candidates who are not suitable for the position, focusing on the most qualified.

However, you probably have to perform this manual task on a daily basis. And, suffice it to say, it can take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, if you receive many applications, it is practically impossible to select them all accurately and ensure that only the best are considered in the hiring process.

The best solution? Automate the selection process with AI.

Using an Applicant Tracking System allows you to automate the process of selecting candidates based on the job requirements you have set. As a result, it can speed up your recruitment process while maintaining the quality of the shortlist. Moreover, this technology does not get tired of selecting candidates and reviewing their CVs. Moreover, it is not based on human prejudices.

7. Expand the scope of your job posting.

Again, providing a good job listing will attract potential employees and speed up the hiring process. If the list has not been placed correctly, serious repercussions can be. Without enough job advertisements, your candidate pool will be less diverse and the number of candidates will also decrease. You can save time and resources by diversifying where you post your jobs now and in the future.

The thing is, if you do it inefficiently, actively increasing the preparation phase can slow the process even further. After all, if you’re not using the right tools or channels, you’ll be wasting time and money. Instead, make your business more recognizable by increasing brand awareness, or use the following tip for optimal results.

And, despite your personal feelings, don’t overlook the power of social media. For example, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in their recruiting efforts.

8. Hire internally.

Employees should always be encouraged to apply for new positions. The reason? Well, it’s cheaper and it boosts employee engagement. But it also speeds up the recruitment process.

Based on the skills, knowledge, loyalty and work ethic of your current employee, you already know that they are a perfect fit for your business. Likewise, it takes time and effort to welcome a new team member. But, on the other hand, an existing employee is already settled and comfortable in your organization.

9. Embrace flexible interviews.

Can you offer more flexible interviews? For example, do you have the availability to meet them in the evening or on weekends? Are you ready to travel to meet them? Or, the interview can be done remotely via Zoom.

10. Improve candidate experience.

Finally, improving the candidate experience will make your recruitment process more efficient. In addition to improving the candidate experience, these methods also speed up hiring.

Candidates would have a better experience if the application process was shortened. Recruiters would also have fewer points of contact.

If you maintain an attractive career page and employer brand, candidates can decide whether they fit into your company culture. By pre-screening, they can reduce the number of unsuitable candidates for the position. Informed and enthusiastic candidates will also feel more qualified and enthusiastic about the position.

Last advice. Stay in constant contact with candidates. With effective communication, you can improve their experience and avoid delays and obstacles.

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