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How to Get Paid to Spend Next Summer in Antarctica

If you love animals, conservation efforts, and remote places, then there’s a unique job just for you. But, before applying, there are a few pitfalls you need to be aware of.

The furthest post office in the world

British charity UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for people to run the world’s most remote post office on Goudier Island in Port Lockroy, Antarctica. The research team is looking for “a person with a sense of adventure and a genuine love of Antarctica”. Three positions are open: base manager, store manager and general assistant.

The three team members will be responsible for looking after the gift shop, post office, museum, general maintenance and penguin counting. That’s right! The charity needs to keep an eye on the number of gentoo penguins on the island in order to monitor them and protect their population. Maintaining the gift shop is vital to the region’s tourism industry. Port Leroy generally welcomes around 18,000 visitors during the summer season.

The catch

There are a few things to note before you fly to Antarctica to work for a few months. The work is 7 days a week, with a few fixed days off every 2 weeks. During this free time, you are not allowed to do anything adventurous or dangerous, including rock climbing, water sports and glacier walking. The charity wants to relax in free time, suggesting you read, paint, cook or watch wildlife.

Now let’s move on to housing. The charity described them as “basic but comfortable”. You will be accommodated in a cabin with bunk beds, a kitchen, a living area and a bathroom, but no shower. There is no running water on the island, so there is no way to bathe. The organization is looking for people who are comfortable not showering for an extended period of time, but who can still maintain good hygiene. The organization says that occasionally a visiting ship will provide showers for the team, but that should not be expected on a regular basis.

Another thing the island lacks: connection to the world. There is no cell phone reception or internet access, so it will be difficult to communicate with anyone at home while you are working.

How to register

If this sounds like your dream job, start by completing the online application. They are due April 25, 2022, with online interviews in mid-May. The charity expects to receive hundreds of applications for the three positions. They are specifically looking for someone with retail experience, maintenance skills and leadership qualities. Applicants must be able to work in the UK (as that is where the charity is based) but are unable to sponsor work visas. The job runs from late October to March 2023.

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