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How to Create the Perfect Virtual Assistant Job Description

If a large portion of your workday is spent on phone calls, paperwork, and other time-sensitive tasks, hiring a virtual assistant may be an ideal solution. A virtual assistant (VA) can handle many of the day-to-day administrative, planning, and technical aspects that keep your business running smoothly. Virtual assistants work remotely from their own location, hence the name “virtual”, and can be based in your city or on the other side of the world.

Additionally, many virtual assistants started their careers with companies before going freelance. While there are professionals available for tasks such as data entry and call center work, others may hold advanced degrees and have many professional references.

How virtual assistants work

Thanks to the Internet, desktop sharing and voice over IP, virtual assistants can tackle a wide variety of tasks from anywhere in the world for their clients. For example, phone calls can be easily redirected to a virtual assistant during off-hours or whenever you are unavailable.

Many virtual assistants assist several different customers with a variety of services, such as billing, travel arrangements, or research. Payment can be on a per project, hourly or fixed price basis. If you need a virtual assistant on a longer term or ongoing basis, you may need to consult with your HR partner or another advisor to verify the worker’s classification.

What do virtual assistants do

With a variety of expertise, virtual assistants can handle almost any administrative project. There’s no limit to what virtual assistants can do for your business.

Here are some typical types of tasks a virtual assistant can handle:

Administrative/field calls

  • Answer calls, return emails and other similar tasks
  • Provide different levels of customer service
  • Type documents, send letters and take notes

Personal assistant

  • Serve as a point of contact for other team members
  • Schedule meetings and manage the daily calendar
  • Book travel accommodations and car rentals

Marketing assistance

  • Manage blogs and social media accounts
  • Create presentations and sales materials
  • Collaborate with writers, graphic artists and designers

Professional assistance

  • Manage financial tasks in payroll and accounting
  • Make commercial purchases and deal with suppliers
  • Share industry-related tips and guidance

IT/technical support

  • Manage website maintenance and updates
  • Manage servers, networks and office equipment
  • Provide technical support to customers and suppliers

Sales support

  • Drive traffic to online storefronts
  • Create promotional campaigns and events
  • Find and engage potential customers

Operational tasks

  • Advice on good business practices
  • Build teams and recruit other virtual assistants
  • Manage scheduling and delegate daily tasks

It’s important to remember that this is just a small sample of the services virtual assistants can provide. From highly specialized to jack-of-all-trades, there are likely several ideal professionals available for your specific project needs. Again, it may be easier to hire several different virtual assistants to handle varying needs… the right balance can only be found by trial and error.

How to attract a top virtual assistant

When posting a job for a virtual assistant, it’s essential to provide as much detail as possible upfront. This gives professionals a clear view of your needs and allows them to see a bit of your communication style, which in itself is very important. Strong communication is essential if you want to develop a strong business relationship with your VA.

Additionally, it helps to define as much of the scope of the project as possible, including the specific services and deliverables to be provided, your budget, the amount of work, and the different skills the professional needs to master. For example, if the project involves working with a content management system, it’s wise to share this information early in the hiring process.

Sample Project Description

Below is an example of what a project description might look like. Keep in mind that many people use the term “job description”, but a full job description is only necessary for employees. When hiring a freelancer as an independent contractor, all you usually need is a statement of work, job offer, or other document outlining the work to be done.

XYZ Company is looking for a Virtual Assistant with retail knowledge to complete office projects that are expected to require approximately 10-15 hours per week for two weeks. The work will include the following tasks:

  • Take incoming calls from customers regarding products and warranties
  • Answer/forward emails from customers, partners and suppliers
  • Place customer notes in a spreadsheet
  • Coordinate the owner’s meeting schedule during weekdays
  • Booking travel for conferences

The following skills are essential:

  • Customer Service Expertise
  • Excellent communication skills via phone, email and chat
  • Good knowledge of Google Docs and Google Calendar
  • Knowledge of retail (online and in-store)
  • Experience in consumer electronics a big plus

Read this article for more tips on how to write a great project description.

Choose the right virtual assistant

The key to finding a great virtual assistant is understanding what you’ll be comfortable delegating to the right professional. It will be different for everyone, so it is essential to take the time and find out what current tasks are hindering your availability and ability to work effectively. Once these are defined, it is much easier to find the perfect VA.

Additionally, many VAs are comfortable starting with a few basic tasks and then moving on to larger projects. So use initial interactions not only to gauge overall ability, but also to find someone who complements your skills and brings something extra to the table that you may be missing.

Finally, remember that profiles tell only part of a VA’s work experience. There’s no substitute for a thorough interview process to try to better understand each professional’s personality and how they handle things under pressure. Be sure to ask lots of questions throughout the interview process and schedule at least one video conference before making a final decision. This will help you get a much better idea of ​​each AV and what it will be like to work with them.

Get more work done, faster with the help of a freelancer. Post a virtual assistant job today and get started!

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