How the A Community Thrivs Program Helped Girl Scouts in Greater Iowa

Community grant flourishes

When Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Director Beth Shelton and her team identified underserved areas in Iowa for Girl Scout programs, they began looking for ways to meet the needs of more girls in an improved way.

“Girl Scouts is more relevant than ever, and we’re seeing with the growth in membership and engagement that so many parents, guardians and girls feel the same way,” Shelton said.

“Not only are Girl Scouts an incredible way to learn life skills, but more importantly, we’re seeing some very impactful data on the importance of social and emotional connection in improving life outcomes for girls. self-esteem to anti-bullying, from mental wellness to courage, our programs address these key issues in a way that is affordable, scalable, and accessible to everyone.

Community grant flourishes

With the help of a $10,000 grant from Thriving Community – an annual initiative of the Gannett Foundation – Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa (GSGI) was able to hire full-time outreach staff member, Aileen Acosta, to lead three new troops and several Girl Scout Clubs that last 6-8 weeks as part of their community troop program. They were also able to help fund 800 outreach memberships in those areas where they typically find the most barriers to obtaining qualified volunteer support.

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