Girl’s Tales Verena and Rhubarb Cake

Lovina’s daughter, Verena, writes. I was doing the dishes when I got into the mood to write. I decided to write a column to help my mother, who is busy preparing for religious services.

Sister Susan cleans the house and sweeps the floors. Jennifer has her doll singing “Jesus Loves Me”. Ryan is taking a nap. We didn’t get home until 11 a.m. from my parents’ house.

Yesterday we went to mum and dad’s for lunch and ended up spending the night. Sister Elizabeth, Tim and the family also came. They had to hurry home because they had company to meet Andrea, 2 months old.

Three weeks ago, I received a job offer from my neighbor, Laura. She lives with her brother and his family. His father brings boards for me and Laura to finish. The sanding is too hard for me, so Laura does it. We really like working together. I can work as many days as I want or stop working whenever I want. I can take breaks as needed. Laura’s father gave me this option because he knows I have a disability. I can’t be grateful enough for the kindness he offered.

Which egg is a fake?

Susan has 12 hens, so we get 12 eggs a day. We’re loaded with eggs right now. I bought a rubber egg and enjoyed fooling people with it. The rubber egg really looks real. I like to let everyone know that I can drop an egg without breaking it. Ha! Ha! They always think I’m talking about a hard-boiled egg. Maybe I shouldn’t write about this… now my secret is out!

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