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Port of Seattle Focuses on Staffing High Priority Police Officer, Bus Driver, Skilled Trades and Capital Projects Positions

The Port of Seattle launched a hiring drive this week to fill vacancies in its departments and divisions, with a focus on high-priority, hard-to-fill positions like police officers, bus drivers, trades specialized and capital projects.

The Port regularly posts more than 30 job vacancies on its website at any one time. More than 2,000 employees work at the Port of Seattle, from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to its many maritime properties, transporting people, goods and ideas across the country and around the world. Every year, Port employees serve millions of people, generate billions of dollars for the economy, and support thousands of well-paying family jobs in the maritime and aviation industries.

Port employees enjoy competitive compensation and benefits, strong learning and development opportunities, recognition programs, and a unique and inclusive work environment.

The Port of Seattle plays a vital role in the region’s economy. All of Washington’s major industries depend on the port for global market access, our air and sea gateways are among the largest jobsites in the county, and port construction spending alone supports nearly 1,300 full-time jobs. and part-time each month.

To meet the growing demand for travel and trade, the port plans to build infrastructure worth $4 billion at our airport and seaport over the next five years. The Port needs a complete team to ensure the smooth running of its operations while building the future.

Police careers

Port of Seattle police officers and civilian employees provide key law enforcement services at SEA Airport and more than 30 miles of waterfront properties, piers, marinas, and cargo and cruise terminals .

The Department serves the community in many ways, including dispatching and responding to 911 calls, assisting the public, providing proactive patrol, and facilitating the safe and timely movement of traffic. Officers regularly interact with a diverse population and a large number of different local and federal agencies.

The Port of Seattle Police Department currently has more than 30 officer openings and is looking to fill lateral and entry-level applicants. Lateral candidates must have worked at least two years in a full-time paid officer position. Entry-level applicants must be 21 years of age and have successfully completed the state law enforcement training program (Basic Academy). Interested candidates must pass written and physical exams before being considered for a position.

The Port of Seattle Police Department is also actively recruiting Traffic Assistance Specialists, who assist with traffic control on departure and arrival routes at SEA Airport and ensure the smooth and safe traffic around the airport.

Contact Derek Bender, Port of Seattle Human Resources for more information.

bus drivers

The Port of Seattle’s (RCF) parking and rental car operations hire safety-minded drivers who enjoy driving and providing excellent customer service to employees and passengers. During each shift, bus drivers will safely and efficiently transport SEA airport employees and passengers to and from airport facilities and SEA airport.

Applicants must have a valid Washington State Class A or B commercial driver’s license (CDL) with passenger endorsement (P1) and a Department of Transportation health card.

Skilled trades

The Port’s team of skilled workers ensures the proper functioning of facilities and equipment. They build, maintain and restore critical infrastructure behind the scenes so the Port of Seattle can continue to serve as an economic engine for the region. As the Port seeks to grow its team of skilled workers, it is particularly focused on hiring women in these roles and providing access to training to help open doors to well-paying jobs.

Skilled professionals like operations engineers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and painters are in high demand and offer decent wages and pathways to stable and sustainable careers. As the Port serves the region now and in the future, we rely on the availability of these skilled workers and are committed to helping our community access the quality, family-wage jobs this industry has to offer.

Capital Projects Careers

Join the port as we build $4.4 billion in infrastructure over the next five years that supports the region’s economy and makes trade and travel more efficient. Capital project managers and leaders, engineers and construction roles are all needed to achieve this vision. Options are available to work on-site on airport or waterfront projects. Help modernize SEA Airport to meet traveler demand, or help build the most equitable, sustainable and thriving maritime industries in the world. world.


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